Supply Chain Manager Cover Letter

Supply chain management is a profession where each product is brought from raw form and then developed further for selling it. Handling this entire process of manufacturing, planning, development, distribution and logistics is a work of a supply chain manager. Usually more than one organization is involved in finally bringing the end product to the customers. These days most of the organizations have a supply chain management department in place and they are the ones taking care of the entire process. Making sure that everything goes well the process of supply chain is one of the toughest jobs, and it also consumes a lot of time and money.

The manager in the supply chain management department will direct the entire process that includes the inception of the product, the production, control of the inventory, distribution, and then logistics. The supply chain manager will have to make sure that each step involved in the process is functioning in the right manner for avoiding any delays or opportunities that arise in the sales market. The most important requirement for a supply chain manager is planning and execution of the entire thing. Another important component involved in getting the product to the market is timing. If any product is out of stock at the time it is required, then the supply chain management is not effective.

Some of the soft skills that a supply chain manager needs to possess is remarkable communication skills, because they have to convey their requirements to the respective line managers. Also, they must know how to mentor, train, and help the colleagues in every department, which falls under the department of supply chain management. Supply chain managers will also have to constantly review the employees, so that the entire process in supply chain management remains cost effective. Candidates who are looking for a process-oriented and intense career, can go for them. Below you will find an example supply chain manager cover letter, which will increase your chances of getting the job.

Supply Chain Manager Cover Letter Sample

Melissa Elizondo
961 Whitetail Lane
Dallas, TX75207

Roy Manning
New York Sentinal
1737 Earnhardt Drive
Louisville, KY40202
Dear Mr. Manning,

Right now I am in the final semester of my MBA and looking for a good career start where I get a chance to work for three months as well as complete my project for supply chain management. My studies in MBA are completely focused on supply chain management and I have been working as a supply chain manager with Michigan Organization since the past nine years.

I would like to inform you that I have been looking for a project that is challenging, which would have me working on audit for a supply chain. In addition, I would like to work for a project, which would need me designing a complete supply chain management system from the scratch. Once I complete my MBA, I would be glad if you can offer me a full-time post with your organization.

Below you will find the outline of my accomplishments and experience, also my contribution to this industry. For your organization the following information would be of interest:

I plan to relocate to US and I sincerely hope that I get a place in your organization. Also, to add to this I have fluency in foreign languages such as German, Chinese, Japanese, and French.

If you are looking for someone with immense drive, enthusiasm, and good set of qualifications then I am the right candidate for this profile. I would be more than happy to give you more details about my project. Hope to hear back from you. Thank you for giving your time.

Melissa Elizondo

Enclosure: Resume
Letter of recommendation

Follow the same format or change it to suit your style. Good luck!

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