Tax Manager Cover Letter

To secure the position of a tax manager in a reputed organization, write a tax manager cover letter to the interviewer. This will certainly be helpful to you for getting an interview call. Tax manager is an important position in any organization as they are responsible for making tax calculations.

The government strictly monitors companies that have to pay taxes. Paying taxes is required by the law and any company that does not pay their taxes on time could get penalized. This results in a bigger dent to the capital of the company, not to mention the bad publicity they get for tax evasion. To avoid all of this, companies have separate tax departments which are headed by tax managers. Tax managers require specialized education and experience.

Calculation and payment of taxes is the main duty of the tax department. The tax manager has to get all the clerks to make records and pay the taxes in time. Taxes have to be carefully calculated and tax managers themselves oversee the whole procedure. If there is any mistake in the calculation, they are held responsible for it. There is a lot responsibility and risk with this job. Hence, they also get a good salary package with the best benefits the company has to offer.

To be able to beat the competition for tax manager position, a tax manager cover letter will prove to be handy. This letter should carry information of your previous employment and the complicated tax calculations you have undertaken. However, there is no need to have details about the calculations. That will only make the letter longer and complicated to read. There are many things to have and to avoid writing about in the letter. The few instructions given below will help you out.

Guidelines for tax manager cover letter

These points for a tax manager's cover letter have been incorporated and the sample given below.

Sample Tax Manager Cover Letter

Henry Kelly
56, Windy Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
(524) 263 7660
Cell no. (567) 736 9470

Edith Jones
Human Resources
CDC Packers Ltd.
72, Indus Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Dear Ms. Jones,

This letter is in response to the advertisement by your company posted in the Utah states monthly Tax Journal for the position of tax manager. I am interested in applying for this position as I have good experience in this field and am currently working as a tax manager for ABC Foods Ltd.

I have heard a lot about the company and know of the high business turn out you make. ABC Foods Ltd. too is multimillion dollar company and I am adept at handling large and complicated tax calculations. I have been in the position of tax manager for the past three years. All the three years, tax calculations were done on time and never once did the company default in tax payments. This is the level of professionalism I adhere to and would bring it to any company I work in.

In addition to the company taxes, I also calculated taxes for the members of the company board and ensured they too paid their taxes on time. I stay updated on all the tax laws and have knowledge about overseas transactions. I assure you that if given the job of tax manager in your company, I will ensure that all the tax payments are on time and that the company gets a good reputation with the IRS.

I would appreciate if you would meet me in person and interview me for this position. The contact details provided above will help you reach me any time. Thanks you for this great opportunity, I will try my best in the interview.

Sincere regards,
Henry Kelly


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of master's degree

The tax manager cover letter builds your character before the interview. Hence, go well prepared before the interview and live up to your cover letter.

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