Technical Manager Cover Letter

Technical manager cover letter is the key factor that helps in your selection for that dream job. The cover letter is the best way to communicate your exclusive skills, qualifications, experience, etc., which portray you as the perfect candidate for the job, to the prospective employer. Thus, it makes all the essential difference between you getting the dream job or losing it forever.

Significance of a Cover Letter

Applicants are not able to judge as to what may be the exact reason behind their rejection inspite of being qualified and deserving. Moreover, they come to know that a lesser deserving candidate has been selected over them. This is when they become annoyed. However, if they try to find out, they will find that it is their small little mistake of not drafting a cover letter which has made all the difference.

Most of the times, the employers do not have enough time to go through the lengthy resumes; instead they chose to select the candidates on a basis of cover letters, which highlight the important information in brief and also save their valuable time. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to draft a professional technical cover letter while applying for that particular job.

Structure of a Technical Manager Cover Letter

Now that you are well-aware of the importance of a cover letter, the next step is to draft it. If you do not have enough knowledge or are not satisfied with your current cover letter, and want to restructure it, here are few guidelines that you can follow:

  1. The cover letter should be short and succinct
  2. The letter should begin with your name, address and other contact details. Also, on similar lines include details of the employer. Make sure that you address it to a specific person from the hiring team. If you are not aware, try to get the details and ensure that you spell it correctly
  3. As per the standard norms, begin the letter with a standard salutation and end on a valediction
  4. For better readability, the cover letter is divided into three to four small paragraphs. The first paragraph should be able to draw the reader's attention right from the start and engage him instantly. You can make a brief reference as to how you came to know about the vacancy and the motive of your application
  5. In the second paragraph, include the details that match with the job requirements like skills, academic background, previous work experience, etc.
  6. In the last paragraph, thank the reader for giving his precious time to read your cover letter. Also, brief him about your future action plans like, you are available to attend the interview at any given point or your own convenient timings. This will demonstrate your genuine interest in the job.

These guidelines will definitely help you in drafting an impressive cover letter.

Sample of a Technical Manager Cover Letter

The sample given below will help you in understanding the requirements in a better way:

Ronald I. Rodriguez
4702 Thomas Street
Schaumburg,IL 60173
Phone: 847-517-4074
Email id:


Robert L. Schulz
The Hiring Manager
Ascent Software Inc.
1625 Lakeland Park Drive
Grantville, GA 30220

Dear Mr. Schulz,

I was thrilled to know that you have a vacancy for the post of a "Technical Manager" in your esteemed organization through one of the advertisements published in "The California Times" dated April 26, 2012. I am confident that I am the perfect candidate for the job, as I perfectly match your job requirements.

I have been successfully handling the responsibilities of a technical manager for a period of about four years now. Over the years, I have managed several projects successfully and also excelled myself technically. I like to take on challenges and prove my ability to deliver better results even in pressure cooker situations. My relevant experience and technical directions have helped in surpassing the expectations of several clients as well as ensuring timely delivery.

I am fully aware of the role and responsibilities that need to be shouldered. I would like to attend the interview, so that I will be in a better position to provide details regarding my various projects. Thank you for the time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


Ronald I.Rodriguez

Based on this sample, you can draft a winning technical cover letter. Before sending it, make sure that you eliminate all types of errors, viz. typographical, spelling and grammatical.

Thus, a technical cover letter is vital to ensure success in getting your dream job.

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