Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Are you looking for a solid medical assistant cover letter that can give you an opportunity to be interviewed? You can find all the help here to land your dream job. We will provide you with some tips to write a medical assistant cover letter and a sample of the same to copy and modify according to your skills and experience. Whether you're trying for a job in a reputed clinic or a hospital, you can apply the same logic and principle that we are disclosing to you. In a brief moment, you can write a cover letter like a pro.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Tips

First, you need to shed away all the worries you might have about a cover letter format for a medical industry. That's because the cover letter for experienced and in-experienced has the same format. Basically, there are four sections: a) Opening Greetings b) Introduction c) Body Paragraph d) Closing Greetings.

Opening Greetings

Here, you have to address the reader by his or name using a prefix 'Dear' first.

Introduction paragraph

The introduction paragraph must briefly mention how you came to know about the job opening, or what made you apply for the job. It should give an overview of your skills and experience to the readers as well as showcase your confidence for the job.

Body Paragraphs

The body of the cover letter can be in two or three paragraphs. Here, you have to describe what you did in your past employment, any achievements, and how you helped patients and employers. Since employers are also interested in finding out what you do at your present job, specify your duties and responsibilities using a paragraph. Emphasize your passion and skills for the job to demonstrate you have what it takes to work as a medical assistant. You can also add a thing or two about the education and certification programs, if any, relevant to the job.

Ending the cover letter

The last body paragraph before the closing greetings must thank the reader for the time given to reading the cover letter. Here, you can also show some professionalism and etiquettes by asking when to call the reader to speak about a possible meeting rather than asking them to call you.

Closing Greetings

Close the letter gracefully with 'sincerely,' or 'warmest regards.'

If your confidence has swollen with these tips, it will explode after reading this cover letter sample.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Ruth E. Williams
569 Sand Fork Road
Plymouth, IN 46563
Phone: 574-913-2662

September 6, 2019


Carlos K. Carson, HR Manager
Noble Hospital
3559 Brooke Street
Plymouth, IN 46565

Dear Carson,

I am overwhelmed by the opportunity provided to apply for a Medical Assistant job through the advertisement published today in 'Angel Times.' I am an experienced, passionate, committed, and diligent medical assistant with 6+ years of experience working in two reputed hospitals. Since your hospital covers a wide array of medical areas, I am eager to bring my skills, knowledge, and experience to the table for serving your patients and providing them an ultimate customer service.

I started my medical assistant journey after completing my Bachelor of Health Science from Plymouth State University. For the first one-and-half year of my career, I worked as an intern at Mary's Hospital, which is known for its world-class medical facilities and treatments in diabetes, gynecology, and medical oncology. During my internship, I demonstrated a strong passion and enthusiasm for patient care and remarkable attention to detail. My hard work, and patient-care skills earned me reference from Dr. Steven A. Roth.

Thereafter, I worked with ATC Hospital, where I handled the following responsibilities:

Currently, I am working with Lotus Hospital and providing assistance in patient care, and administrative functions. My daily routine starts with taking briefs from colleagues moving out of their shift, communicating with health care professionals, prioritizing patient care accordingly to urgency, taking medical histories, administering medications, scheduling of primary care, making appointments, and lots more.

With a Bachelor's of Health Science and a BLS certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants, I am confident of adding to your organization's reputation. My varied skills in handling the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant will definitely make you happy.

Thank you for your time in reading my cover letter. Shall I call you on Tuesday, September 10 for an interview? I can also answer phone calls from 12 noon to evening 6 pm.


Ruth E. Williams

Enclosure: Resume

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