Medical Coder Cover Letter

A good medical coder cover letter can have your way to interview. Let us understand how the cover letter should look like. The cover letter is an important business letter, which is used to communicate with the employers and market the profile in the job market. Cover letters are also called as letters of introduction. Job seekers frequently use this tool to send their job application. Cover letter is also an important business letter to gather the information. It throws light on the candidate's pertinent job responsibilities and skillsets.It is associated with the candidate's achievements and performances.

Writing a good cover letter is a daunting task. If you gradually develop the cover letter and be selective about the diction and matter, you would write a great cover letter. Cover letters are typically divided into three major categories: prospecting cover letter, networking cover letter, and application cover letter. The application cover letter is the most prevalent format of cover letter. While writing for such a cover letter, it is important for the candidate to do thorough study about the company he is applying and the job profile he is looking for. It is necessary to stress on the significant factors such as the skills and abilities and relevant professional experience of the candidate. If the company is known for specific domain or specific achievements in the corporate world, be quick to refer to the same.

The other types of cover letters are mostly use to seek the information from the potential company about job opportunity or significant information about a specific position. Since the next selection process is dependent upon the cover letter, you are required to be very careful and selective while writing cover letter.

How to write Medical Coder Cover Letter

Like other cover letters, the medical coder cover letter also follows the same formation .On the top of the cover letter, there is a correspondence address for both the parties. In the introduction part of the cover letter, you would find the reference to the advertisement through which the candidate has applied for the job opportunity. The main body talks about the major roles and responsibilities of the candidate and pertinent skill sets; e.g. updating the client's accounts, looking after their insurance payments, submitting their claims etc.In the conclusion part of the cover letter, you can mention the next course of action taken by the candidates.

Medical Coder Cover Letter Sample

David Hawkins

34, West End Rd,
Totowa, NJ-093423
Phone: 890-098-1023


Stephen Daniel

1, Becton Drive,
Franklin Lakes, NJ
Phone: 980-102-0923

Dear Mr. Daniel,

With response to your advertisement in "Franklin Lakes Daily", dated Jan, 13, 2012, I am applying for the position of a medical coder in your organization. Based on my considerable experience in the field of medicine and good knowledge of medical coding, medicare and private insurance payments, I am positive that I will surely surpass your expectations.

I have handled many major job responsibilities such as using the appropriate code of various services so that health care providers can receive payments,

I have passed the coding certification examination, and also meet all the major criteria set my National Healthcare Association. The major job responsibilities I have handled are assigning and sequencing the codes for the diagnoses and procedures, determining the final diagnoses, performing reviews for the records, making sure all the parts are included in the which would reflect the care and treatment given, analyzing provider documentation to ensure if appropriate evaluation and management levels are assigned and establishing and performing logs for various form process and batch numbers.

Being a graduate and licensed employed for the state of NJ, I am looking forward to be employed by you. I am sure that I will surpass the set guidelines and demonstrate my best performance as a medical coder. I have attached my updated resume for your reference.

Thanks and Regards,

David Hawkins


The sample medical coder cover letter throws light on the applicant's journey as a medical coder and it highlights the candidate's accomplishments and recognitions. This sample cover letter will surely lead you to the interview process with potential employer.

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