Medical Transcriptionist Cover Letter

A medical transcriptionist cover letter should convey your wish to work with the organization as well as display your abilities as a medical transcriptionist. A Medical Transcriptionist is a person who converts patient information which is stored in the form of voice recorded reports into a text document.

Medical Transcriptionists use various tools to help them with the process of data conversion. They could be employed by a hospital or a healthcare facility and either work at the hospital itself or work from home. Traditionally, doctors and physicians would record the reports in magnetic tapes or disks. However, with the advent of modern technology, most doctors now prefer using digital voice files for faster transfer of data with the medical transcriptionists. Individuals need to complete a certificate program or diploma in medical transcription in order to pursue a career in this line of work. Along with good typing skills, they also need to possess good hearing, comprehension and language skills.

Most organizations ask the candidates who are applying for the job to submit their resume along with a cover letter that tells the hiring manager why you want to work as a medical transcriptionist. A well written cover letter can help you in expressing that you are the right person for the job. Check out the following guidelines on how to write a good medical transcriptionist cover letter.

Guidelines on writing a Medical Transcriptionist cover letter:

Sample of Medical Transcriptionist Cover Letter

Mitchell S. Wilkins
2299 Norman Street
Los Angeles, CA 90063
Phone: 323-260-5008
Email ID:

January 12, 2012

Michael C. Harvey
Hiring Manager
Phoenix Hospital
228 Elkview Drive
San Jose, CA 95106

Dear Mr. Harvey,

I came across your job opening for a Medical Transcriptionist's position on the official website of your hospital. I possess the necessary qualifications and would like to apply for this job position at your renowned hospital.

I have four years of experience in the field of medical transcription and am a Certified Medical Transcriptionist with a certificate diploma in medical transcription. I have good knowledge about many medical related terminologies and jargon which help me with my work. I also possess excellent typing, grammar and comprehension skills which have played an important part in my past work as a medical transcriptionist.

I have attached my resume along with this letter for your reference. Please feel free to contact me on the details provided above in case you want to schedule an interview of have any further queries for me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Mitchell S. Wilkins



As seen in the above sample, a medical transcriptionist's cover letter should contain brief and accurate information about your job profile and should be presented in a manner, which will create a good impression on the hiring manager.

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