Physician Cover Letter

A cover letter is a professional document that should be drafted by following some of the formal letter writing rules. The format of the physician cover letter given here will help you in drafting your cover letter and help you in getting a job from the potential employer. Your cover letter should include your personal information at the beginning. Then you can include employer's information, date and mention the details in two to three paragraphs in the main body of the cover letter. Once you draft your cover letter, it is also important to check it for any errors and correct them.

Career Profile for Physician:

Physicians are the health care professionals who treat acute as well as chronic diseases and help in promotion of good health. Physicians specialize in several areas such as dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery, etc. Passing a four year doctor of medicine (MD) degree program and minimum 2 year internship, confirms eligibility to work as physician, either independently or in healthcare hospitals.

Apart from surgery and other disorders there are physicians who specialize in the treatment of internal organ disorders and these physicians are called as internists. Some physicians who work as general practitioners provide only primary treatments to the patients and need not have a master's degree. Physicians should have ability to perform diagnostic tests and treat the patients in which they achieve perfection with experience. Physicians have good job opportunities with government as well as private hospitals.

If you are applying for the position of a physician in any healthcare sectors then you can use the format of the resume given below and take some idea from the cover letter sample given below and draft you cover letter.

Physician Cover Letter Format:

Applicant's personal information
Name and surname
Address for correspondence (Street, House no., City)
Contact number
E-mail correspondence

Date: ____ (Use standard MM/DD/YY format)

Employer's information
Name and surname
Addressee's designation
Company name
Company address


Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss XXXXX,

First Paragraph: Bring into picture the purpose of your letter showing your excitements for the position with the potential job position. It also important that you mention the source from where you came to know about the position and what is your career prospective with the organization for which you are willing to work. Describe how you can be a perfect match for the position.

Second Paragraph: In this paragraph, you generally need to describe your exceptional traits and make the employer recognize your potential and abilities. You draft a resume with this letter; therefore, it is not necessary that you give a detailed description of all your skills. Just summarize the highlighting points of your resume here.

Third Paragraph: Provide your contact information here and thank the employer for considering your application. Ask the employer for a personal meeting to show your interest. If you want, you can also suggest some convenient time for the meeting.

[Your Name]
[Your Designation]

Enclosures/Attachments: [Even if you have attached a single document mention it here so that the employer finds it easily. Attachments should be explicitly mentioned at the end of the letter.]

Sample Physician Cover Letter

Dr. Samuel Dusk
255 South Swing Lane
Alpine Cottage
Michigan - 52853
United Sates
E-mail id:
Telephone No.: (925)-426-9265

Date: September 9, 2011

Dr. Jimmy Filliping
CNS Neurology Hospital
Michigan - 99096
United States

Dear Jimmy Filliping,

I am extremely enthusiastic about the position of neurosurgeon available in CNS Neurology Hospital, Detroit. My specialization in neurosurgery and experience of three years as an independent doctor will help your hospital in providing best surgical solutions to the neurological problems of the patients.

I have expertise in neuro-oncology radio surgery, functional and stereotactic surgery, skull base surgery and interventional neuroradiology, etc. I have expertise in using advanced technologies in surgeries. I have successfully handled and assisted about 120 cases of neurosurgery. 100% recovery results have been obtained in all pediatric neurological cases.

My contact number is (925)-426-9265 and my e-mail address is You can contact me on weekends.

Warm regards,
Samuel Dusk


Format your physician cover letter properly because a well formatted cover letter will surely get you credentials from the employer.

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