Sonographer Cover Letter

Every year there are at least dozens of medical procedures performed across the globe. A few of these procedures can never happen without performing the preliminary stage of sonography. This is one of the procedures, which lets the medical examiners see through the body without any complicated surgery. Specialized technicians are required for performing the process of sonography and to make it successful. The main role of these professionals is to help produce a virtual image of specific areas of the patient's body. The entire equipment will function on the basis of high-frequency sound waves sent into the body. These images are further decoded by the Sonographer.

Sonographer has to make sure that their interpretation of the image is proper, as it is a critical part of the diagnosis. The most common kind of sonographer is obstetric ones. These individuals have to interpret the fetal imaging or any other gynecological problem. Candidates who work as sonographer have to interact with patients and professionals working in the medical vicinity every day. Therefore, it is highly important that these professionals possess excellent communication skills. In addition, they must have attention to detail. This is important because the entire medical process will depend on the sonographer's ability to diagnose the sonography images. These professionals also need to exhibit good writing skills, because they are responsible for keeping a record of the patient's current condition and history.

Except for all these mandatory skills, another important thing is writing a cover letter while you are applying for a job. A cover letter will be your introduction and it should state a wide range of possibilities for why the recruiter must consider you for this position. A cover letter is a one page document, but is considered as the most important one. This article will provide you with an example Sonographer cover letter; you can refer to this cover letter and draft your own.

Sample Sonographer Cover Letter

Edna Nugent
2244 Sycamore Circle
Fort Worth, TX76104
Date: April 2, 2011

David Montalvo
Visual Medical Solutions
3892 Whiteman Street
Pleasantville, NJ8232

Dear Mr. David,

While flicking through the newspaper this morning I came across the job opening listed by you for the position of a sonographer. I am confident that I will prove to be the ideal candidate for this job as I have devoted a considerable amount of time in working as a sonographer with gynecologic ultrasounds in my latest training.

I have gained an experience of one year in the field of ultrasonography, and have also successfully carried out examinations for the different parts of human body including heart, female reproductive organ, and abdomen.

I have been working very closely with most of the diagnostic physicians, healthcare staff, as well as the patients. While working with everyone I have managed to create a good rapport through my communication and interpersonal skills. I have great skills to work along with the healthcare team, and at the same time I can also sympathize with my patients who may experience some kind of pain or get nervous.

Currently, I am available to be hired immediately that is if you think I am right for this position. I would sincerely welcome this opportunity to meet you and have a brief discussion about my skills and qualifications.

I am available on the weekdays and weekends between 12:00 to 5:00 pm. Kindly contact me at 682-438-1632 or leave an e-mail at for fixing up a date and time, which is best suitable for you. However, I will get in touch with you in the coming week to see if you need any additional information about me. You can find my attached resume along with this application letter.


Edna Nugent

Enclosures: Resume

Recommendation letters

This is one of the ways for writing a sonographer cover letter. You can write in a similar manner or make some changes. However, make sure that your cover letter is error free and impressive. Proofread the letter before sending it to the recruiter.

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