Veterinary Assistant Cover Letter

A veterinary assistant cover letter helps in emphasizing your credentials that are important from the employer's perspective. To write a proper cover letter, it is important that you research about the employer before you start writing it. Know about the company's requirements and its key areas of business. If you are successful in convincing the employer that you possess the qualities that they require and can excel in the position, then the employer will definitely consider your profile. Also make sure that your cover letter is not same as your resume.

To help you understand the difference between a cover letter and a resume and to draft a proper cover letter we have given a sample cover letter and a format of cover letter.

Veterinary Assistant Job Description

Veterinary assistant is the entry level position which paves way to become an independent veterinary doctor. A vet or a veterinary doctor is a health care professional of animals. He looks after the physical well-being, hygiene, vaccinations, etc., of the animals. The job of a veterinary assistant is similar to that of a veterinary doctor but he assists the doctors in their work. They follow the instructions laid by the doctors and help in the treatment of the animals. Veterinary assistants also interact with the pet owners and help them in taking proper care of the animals and understanding the requirements of the animals. They also give guidelines for giving medications and vaccinations to the pets. To become a veterinary assistant, one has to pursue a 4 year graduation degree in veterinary science.

Format of Veterinary Assistant Cover Letter

Contact Section
(Name of applicant)
(Address for correspondence)
(Contact number)
(E-mail address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY)

(Name of employer)
(Company name)
(Company address)

Reference: (Newspaper, personal contact, job portal, etc)

Salutation Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss __________,

Opening Paragraph: Start your cover letter by introducing yourself to the employer and mentioning the reason for your application. If you have references such as personal contacts mention them here. This helps in personalizing your letter.

Middle Paragraph: Write down your professional experiences and skills suitable for the position. Talk about your exceptional achievements that make you stand out from the other job seekers.

Closing Paragraph: The closing paragraph is to thank the employers or the recruiter for considering your application and spending their time in reading. Express your interest in meeting the employer for discussion.

(Name of applicant)
(Signature - Optional)


Veterinary Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Maria Austin
638 Blank Street
Maria's Cottage
Fort Worth
Texas 27388
Phone: 728-830-9388


Thomas Williams
Pet Care Hospital
Fort Wroth
Texas 67655

Reference: Ana Williams, employed at Pet Care Hospital as assistant veterinary doctor

Dear Mr. Williams,

I present my resume for the position of veterinary assistant in Pet Care Hospital with reference to Ana Williams who is working as assistant veterinary doctor in your hospital. I feel certain my accomplishments and qualifications are a good match for your requirements.

I am currently employed with Tie Veterinary Hospital for 6 months and am keenly interested in working with your hospital. I have ability to work for extended hours with good understanding of the requirements of the animals. My commitment towards work and love for pets will definitely help me excel in the responsibilities assigned to me.

My resume will reveal more about my skills and qualifications. If you find my accomplishments suitable for the said position, you can contact me on my personal contact number or mail me.

Thank you for your time, consideration and gratitude. Looking forward to meet you.

Maria Austin

Hope the tips and sample veterinary cover letter helped you in writing your cover letter within few minutes. Proof read your cover letter once you write it to make sure all the details provided are correct.

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