Military Resume Cover Letter

If you are seeking for the transition from military service to the jobs in private sector, you should write information very carefully in the cover letter because it would have a major impact on getting better position according to your level of expertise. Also you have to build a professional quality resume as well as cover letter to grab the attention of the potential employer.

Start writing your military resume cover letter with the information providing on how your military experience can be advantageous to the job for which you are applying. For example if you were a corporal, lieutenant, sergeant or other officer emphasis on your ability to plan and follow through details with management duties. Write down the information relevant to the requirement of the job.

Express your interest in a long-term commitment. If you have spent a significant amount of time in the military, you recognize the value of a long tenure of service. Include this as an asset when you write a military job cover letter.

Address the letter to a specific person. If someone referred you, or if you had previous contact with the individual to whom you are writing, make reference to the person or event in your opening statement. Take advantage of a previous encounter to capture the interest of the employer.

Avoid making any statements, when you write a cover letter, that sound condescending or redundant. Keep the writing style professional, informative and interesting. Move from one point to the next smoothly to draw the reader in.

Identify the job for which you are applying by putting a "Re:" and listing the job and position or ID number centered as the first line under the salutation. Many companies have dozens or hundreds of job openings. To make sure your resume reaches the correct person, include this pertinent information on your cover letter and resume.

End your military job cover letter with a cordial closing. "Sincerely," "Respectfully," or "Sincerely yours," is always acceptable. Avoid flippant or unprofessional closings when you write a cover letter.

Use the closing paragraph to inform the recipient that you will give a follow-up call on a specific date to discuss any concerns or questions about how your military experience can benefit the company.

Show your ability to adapt to the civilian job environment when you write your cover letter. Utilize your military knowledge and training as an asset to providing a consistent work ethic.

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