List Of Nurse Resume Cover Letter

Nursing jobs are available in a variety of settings. Nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, schools, industry and research are just a few areas where nursing skills are required. Likewise, there are many levels of nursing education and certification.

Keep in mind that although your resume contains information about your experience, education and job tenures, a cover letter can make the difference in whether or not your resume makes it past the first desk. Write your cover letter to identify how you can put your skills to work for their facility.

Include information in a nursing cover letter that clearly defines your level of nursing certification and education. Just stating that you are a Registered Nurse is not sufficient to qualify you for many nursing positions. Since a Registered Nurse can be a diploma nurse (without formal training) or a degreed nurse (Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral), you must provide your level of education to confirm qualification for some positions.

Bring to the hospital's attention any specific detail that may be pertinent to consideration as a candidate. For instance, if the nursing job is for a nurse anesthesiologist, and you meet the criteria, you need to identify yourself as a CRNA when you write your cover letter.

Clarify your area of interest in a nursing job cover letter if you are a graduating nurse. Identify areas where you excelled, or were particularly interested in pursuing a career. Recognize your need for further mentoring, while not diminishing your ability to learn quickly.

Prepare a cover letter with 3 paragraphs, if possible. The first paragraph should identify yourself and capture the attention of the physician or the hospital's hiring personnel by showing your interest in the position. The second paragraph generally explains how you can use your abilities and experience to help their office or practice. Thirdly, conclude by asking for an interview.

Recognize the need for additional or refresher training. Nursing jobs change and what was done one way a few years ago may be done completely different today. If the job includes an area of nursing that you are either not trained in, or a lot of time has passed since you filled that position, let the physician or hospital know that you are willing to learn the required skill. Be assertive enough to promote the rest of the skills you possess to fulfill the job requirement.

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