Chief Information Officer Cover Letter

A chief information officer (CIO) serves as a channel through which necessary information relating to company's project is transmitted to concerned people within the organization. He or she will ensure that vital information is properly processed, stored, and communicated in the true interest of a company. This key position requires a thorough understanding of the company's functions in order to arrange necessary hardware and software to make the information technology system effective.

Writing the Cover Letter

The role of this key position is more involved than being an information technology guy. This is why when writing the cover letter, the applicant has to include qualities that sum up for the job. As the job involves taking up information technology project for the company and clients, the letter must have a reference to project management skills. The employers will see if the applicant has experience of hiring people with specialization in software and hardware. Further, the cover letter must communicate the knowledge of developing and designing technology applications matching with each department's need of the company.

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Chief Information Officer Cover Letter Sample

Timothy Bridges
23 Cowboy Lane
Dallas, TX 38901
Phone: 121-356-3567


Mark Hewitt
Recruitment Manager
Heighten Infotech Inc.
256 North Walk
Dallas, TX 34850

Subject: Application for the position of Chief Information Officer

Dear Mr. Hewitt,

Storing, processing, and communicating business information to concerned authorities inside and out the company determine the efficiency of a company. A chief information officer makes this happen with his IT background and project management skills. He is the one that bridges gap and channelizes proper transmission of information. If you are in search of someone who could streamline the information technology system for Heighten Infotech Inc., consider this letter as an application for the position of a chief information officer.

My technology expertise has kept growing for the last nine years of my career. I have helped my employers all these years in achieving their goals comfortably and within deadlines. I have been the main source in employing information technology workers according to the need of the projects. I have designed and developed technology applications for storing and distributing financial data to the authorized people.

While working in any projects, I take absolute precaution for securing company's data. I am flexible in planning and working on short-term and long-term goals. In addition, I always maintain strong business relationships with vendors and keep myself posted with the latest tools and trends in the industry. My strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills help in leading and finishing up projects comfortably. Besides, I also have the motivational skills that boost up the confidence and provide an impetus to the team in positive manners.

If we could meet in person, I would be able to discuss more on financial, management, recruitment and communication aspects. See if you could spare some time from your daily routine at 11 am on October 07, 2013. I will call and remind you of the day and time two days before. I appreciate your time and efforts in going through this application.


Timothy Bridges

Enclosure: resume

This CIO cover letter has included IT skills, project management and recruitment skills of the applicant. You can add a few more abilities to impress the employers, if you have.

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