Junior Lawyer Cover Letter

Junior Lawyer Cover Letter is an important part of the job application of a junior lawyer. Junior Lawyers are law graduates with not much experience. The emphasis should, therefore, be on those areas of the profession that the candidate has learned during his brief experience. Not to be missed is the eagerness of the applicant to learn new things related to his line of work. The legal discipline, by its very nature, demands a person to be able to deal with minute details if he has to successfully navigate through it. This is another trait that needs highlighting.

Theoretical qualifications are important in the legal field. They provide the very basis for the professional. Application of this knowledge is even more important. Achievements in a brief career are, usually, not very great. But if the applicant has some achievements, those should be mentioned - they point to the candidate's ability to apply his knowledge. Another area that deserves special mention is the candidate's interpersonal skills that can inspire faith in the people he works with. Other areas like negotiation and organization also need to be stated.

Junior Lawyer Cover Letters, like all other cover letters, need to be brief and to the point introductions to the job application. They should have a symbiotic connection with the resume, a relationship that ultimately provides benefit to the applicant. Avoid the use of unnecessary flowery language; the recruiter does not have time for that. Technical jargon can be included so long as it can be reasonably understood by the recruiter. And, check the cover letter before dispatch; even minor errors can play spoilsport and sabotage the entire application.

Junior Lawyer Cover Letter Sample


Arlington Beech
120 Grant Street,
Denver, CO 80203

Matthew Langer
Junior Partner,
Winchester & Viscount Law Firm,
900 Elate Streets,
Denver, CO 80204

Dear Mr. Langer,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Washington Post", dated November 20, 2011, inviting applications for the post of a junior lawyer in your esteemed organization. I have one and half years of experience as a junior corporate lawyer that satisfies the eligibility criteria prescribed by you in the said advertisement. I am interested in working for a law firm that values initiative, enterprise, and the ability to give results.

During my brief stint as an assistant to Mr. Richard Melon, Corporate Lawyer, I have experienced many aspects of the job. I have been involved in preparation of paperwork for court proceedings, providing assistance in framing and phrasing of arguments, analyzing and countering arguments from the other side, initiating talks for negotiated settlements, providing assistance in actual negotiations and in the administration, interpretation, and negotiation of contracts. This experience has familiarized me with procedures employed for research and background checks. I am well versed with standard corporate practices and their connection with relevant legal codes.

I have a bachelor's degree in law with specialization in corporate law from the prestigious Yale University. This has provided me with strong fundamentals for executing all responsibilities as a junior lawyer. I have a responsible temperament and I am fairly skilled with keeping the paperwork and office organized and following up with people. I have good communication and interpersonal skills and I am always eager to learn new things.

It will be a great experience to work with one of the best names in this discipline. I am particularly impressed with the manner in which you groom risk takers. I can produce references from Mr. Melon as a certificate of my working style. You can contact me on the telephone number or email address I have mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,
(Arlington Beech)

Junior Lawyer Cover Letter, as can be seen from the example above, must briefly point to necessary abilities without getting into unnecessary details. The place for detailed information is the resume. Of particular note is the reason why the applicant seeks employment with the organization. This reason has to be researched, thought over, and then stated explicitly in the cover letter.

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