Legal Assistant Cover Letter

Before writing a Legal Assistant Cover Letter, let us peep into who is a legal assistant and his work. A cover letter is document to assist alongwith a resume. It improves your chances in helping yourself write those experiences which wouldn't find their place in the resume. Usually, cover letter is used to reach to your recruiter to let him know your earnest intention to get the job.

A legal assistant is a person who acts as a secretary to a supervising lawyer in a law firm. He cannot give legal advice, defend on the behalf of the people or sign any legal documents. He is entitled to do secretarial work for the law firm or lawyers concerned by doing research, helping in drafting legal documents/memos, help the lawyer in interview of the clients to get accurate evidences to support his claims on behalf of the advocate's clientele. His duties involve maintaining the case records/files of the clients etc. Legal assistant is thorough professional who may be an apprentice or may be altogether a novice in field of law, in latter case he is given a formal training to carry out the work assigned to him.

How to write a Legal Assistant cover letter

There are certain guidelines to follow while writing an effective cover letter for a legal assistant

Sample Caver Letter for a Legal Assistant


Ricky A. Montgomery
1253 Elk Avenue
Blissfield, MI 49228
Phone: 304-806-0528

Date: June 23, 2010


Lydia J. Spann
Senior Legal Consultant

2438 Cost Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-495-3865
Email-id :

Dear Mrs. Lydia,

Thank you for considering me for this coveted job. As referred by Kelly Johnson, Dean, Law College, Michigan, I would love to work for you as a Legal Assistant. I have recently graduated from my college and looking for an opportunity to help me get a strong base to develop my skills in your patronage.

At law school, I maintained good grades all throughout my career. I have a Degree in Law from Detroit College of Law, Michigan; before that I had done my graduation in Arts and Humanities from Andrews University, MI. I would now like to apply my knowledge in the interest of your firm.

During my learning years I developed an aptitude for research, my skills include command over English language. I have been gifted with good interpretative skills, apart from sharp memory. I had organized as well took part in debates which included legal subjects for which I had also won many awards for the college.

Hope you would consider my application and give me a chance to serve in your organization and utilize my skills in the right direction. Do intimidate me if selected on contacts provided above.


Ricky Montgomery

We have provided for you this Legal Assistant Cover Letter to help you to pen a suitable cover letter along your lines as it not only reflects your personality ,but the recruiter if impressed decides your destiny to get you your desired job.

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