Appointment Setter Cover Letter

Most of us probably would have had a part time job when we earned our first earnings and we still remember what odd jobs we did to get that pocket money, do we not? Well, times have changed and so has the market for jobs. Nowadays there are umpteen numbers of jobs that you can do in the luxury of your home at your convenience and earn considerably well. A simple yet tactful job of an appointment setter is to take calls, make calls, arrange for meetings, taking and giving appointments, and in some cases also selling some propositions. Basically the work profile is that of a sales representative who sets up clients or customers with the professionals for business purpose.

Now if you are planning to apply for this profile in some company what do you think the employer or recruiter will look for or let us put it this way, what will impress the employer according to you to select your resume among the other applicants? The skills and abilities section in every applicant's resume will have the same 'good communication skills,' 'good listener,' etc. We are sure writing an appointment setter cover letter will work for you. Have a look at the following example and you will understand what we are trying to say.

Sample Appointment Setter Cover Letter

There are just a few things we would like to tell you, some instructions for writing the appointment setter cover letter. The letter should only be about your proficiency in handling the job, your personal abilities and convincing skills. Make it a point to check that there is a difference between your resume and the cover letter.

Using the American letter writing format with the content left aligned and in soft copy the letter should look like a plain document i.e. no color or borders, etc.

Sample Appointment Setter Cover Letter

Tori Toronto
Rue De La Mary, Bungalow 34
Park Avenue 7
New Brunswick
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (506) 245 2454


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Extremity Courier Services
Customer Service Helpline
New Brunswick

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Appointment Setter

The notice for an Appointment Setter in Extremity Courier Services makes me write to you. Please consider this letter as a formal application for the said position in your organization. I have worked part time as an Appointment Setter since six months and I think I can do a good job in this field as I have got a knack of maintaining a good link between the employer and the prospective customers. My detailed work profile is given in my resume, attached herewith. As for my personal skills, I have handled around 100 incoming calls daily from customers while working part time and I have a record of converting 80% of them into long term clients.

I know my job and you do not have to provide me any training though I would love to learn as much as possible for getting accustomed to your clientele. I think meeting once would tell you more about me. Could we possibly meet in the coming week if you have time? I will call the day after tomorrow to fix an appointment.

Thanking you very much.

Sincere Regards,
Tori Toronto

Enclosures: The following documents have been attached to the letter:

  1. Resume
  2. Recommendation Letter
  3. Project Details
  4. Experience Letter
  5. Certificates

Personalize this sample appointment setter cover letter or draft a new one according to the job description given by the employer. Just keep one thing in mind; you have to convince the employer not for persuading him to call you for the interview but instead for the fact that you are capable of doing the job. That is all that is required when applying for a job. Best of luck to you!

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