Junior Trader Cover Letter

Junior trader works for investment banks, brokerage firms, or private equity firms. He is responsible in assisting senior traders in trading, and analyzing budding investment opportunities. He has to keep a watch on the daily fluctuations in the price of investment and report the same to the seniors. He may also trade his own capital initially if he aspires to work in an investment bank just to build a trading record.

Becoming a Junior Trader

Any person considering a career with the investment bank or the brokerage firm must complete his formal education. A bachelor's degree in finance, business, or accounting is considered. Progress in this field is possible by gaining advanced degrees either in business administration or finance. The aspirant is also required to keep learning nuances of equities, currency or commodity. He must be able to work with all mechanisms of trading. Initial training would always be in asset class that is necessary in routine work. Later, based upon his experience and understanding, he may develop his own trading strategies.

Junior Trader Cover Letter Sample

Floyd Clive
60 W. 12th Street
New York, NY 10011


Gregory Rice
Human Resource Executive
Bulls & Bears Investment Bank
60 Beaver Street, # 120
New York, NY 10004

Subject: Application for the position of a junior trader

Dear Mr. Rice,

This cover letter is to present my intention to work in a junior trader position in your esteemed organization. I would rejoice the opportunity given to me to work under the senior traders of your investment bank. It would be a great turning point in my career if you consider my application for the above-mentioned position.

Since I am working with an investment bank for the last three years, I understand the process of raising capital and acting on behalf of the clients in the issuance of securities. I have assisted several companies in raising capital and investing in different sectors. Whether it is trading securities for cash, promoting securities, underwriting, researching and analyzing, I have highlighted everything on my resume.

Some of the prestigious clients I have work for include ABC Oil Refineries, XYZ Petrochemicals, Fair & Fine Medica Consultancy, and Cool Autos. The following are my professional strength you will be benefited from:

Ability to accept and execute directions with total accuracy Proficient in assisting senior traders and representing the bank as needed Excellent understanding of math, statistic, and finance Comfortable in working with any financial and security applications Capable of handling the fast-paced work environment

I hope my experience, and professional strength would be considered appropriate for the junior trader position. I am confident that I can create new records in trading for your organization.

I am available over the phone anytime and can also be contacted through an email. Please let me know when can we meet and discuss on the possibility of hiring.


Floyd Clive

Enclosure: Resume

Sometimes, the employer may ask programming experience in any of these computer languages such as C++, Java, SQL, VBA, Linux, etc. Please mention this skill in the cover letter if you do pose.

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