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Retail pharmacists are those professionals who are responsible for selling and preparing prescription drugs as they are directed by the physicians. These people can be employed with some of the retail chains or they may be operating in their own retail business. A retail pharmacist needs to have a degree and license in pharmacy to continue drugs. The basic job responsibility of these professionals is filling the prescriptions of the doctors that are brought to them by their customers. The pharmacist will have to measure and mix all the drugs as per the dosage that has been prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes they will also have to package the drugs and label them with necessary instructions for consuming the medications.

Most of the customers always have questions about how they need to take the medications or the side effects the particular medicine has. Pharmacists need to have knowledge and training on how they must counsel the customers on the right dosage as well as give them instructions that concern the safety of mixing certain medications. The pharmacist will also have to consult the physician of the customer on additional instructions of clarifications if required. Since the pharmacist works in the retail operations, the pharmacist and the staff must know how to deliver excellent customer service for retaining the customers and increasing their business.

They always mean that they have to be attentive to the needs of the customers and should provide them with courteous and prompt service. The pharmacist will also have to offer some of the additional services for gaining an edge over the other competitors in the market, like delivering medications inside a specific radius of their drug store and providing service even at the odd hours. They will also have to take care of managerial functions from time-to-time because they are into retail business.

Getting a job in this profession is easy if you know the right way to look for jobs. Here you will find an example retail pharmacist cover letter to guide you further.

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Retail Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample

Michele Miller
2777 Cessna Drive. * Fort Wayne, IN46816 * 260-447-3425 *


Ms. Georgia Robinson
Ranbaxy Limited
3281 Burke Street
S Boston, MA2127

Dear Ms. Robinson,

While browsing through job opening, Retail Pharmacist caught my attention, since I am the right match for this training, as I have been working in this industry from the past ten years. I have completed my education in D.Pharm, which has given me enough training that I will need for administering the safety of medicine and pursuing my career in this field.

My entire training has taught me how to correctly fill the prescriptions by making and dispensing pharmaceuticals and by checking the information of the patient, just to make sure that the medication is safe for the use of patient. I have good communication skills, which are required for informing the customers about any allergic reactions or drug interactions that they have to be aware about.

My skills are multi-tasking, prioritizing, filling out necessary forms and organization skills. I have good problem-solving skills as well and my past record of working in the sales department has taught me how I need to provide best customer service. I have got the knowledge, which is required for the patient's consultations when required and for maintaining a professional atmosphere at every given time.

I am also aware of the fact that you always have to maintain confidentiality and have to pay a close eye on every detail. I have remarkable organizational skills; I am always team-oriented and would love it if you give me the chance of learning more about the position of retail pharmacist that is being offered at your organization. You can give me a call at anytime on 260-447-3425 or e-mail me at, so that we can set up a date and day for interview.

Michele Miller
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