Sales Associate Cover Letter

A cover letter can be one deciding factor to help you get your dream job such as that of a sales associate in this case. It should express your desire to work. A resume may be used to highlight your skills and accomplishment, whereas the cover letter helps to market these skills. Writing a sales associate cover letter is not a tedious task. All you got to do is include information that portrays you as an ideal candidate for the job.

Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

James Cameron
304 California Street
San Francisco, California
United States

August 29, 2011

David White
Hiring Manager
X-learn Company Pvt. Ltd
South Broad Street
Thomasville, Georgia
United States

Dear Mr. White,

This is to inform you that I wish to apply for the position of sales associate in your company. I was made aware about the vacancy by one of your employees in the sales department Mr. Ted. As he is aware of my past experiences of working as a sales associate, he advised me to apply for the position in your company.

Being a sales associate in my previous company, I was responsible for managing promotion campaigns which could help the company sell its products and services to various targeted consumers. When it comes to sales management, my strongest skill is developing a healthy channel of communication with my customers. Customer satisfaction is one thing that fuels the growth of a company. I also managed a mutually benefiting atmosphere with my co-workers, my managers, and with people of different departments in the company. To add to this, I follow the principle of getting oneself fully abreast with the product or service that he/she is trying to sell. That is why, I maintained data of all products that I had to sell, and listed out all possible queries which a customer may have in his/her mind before investing on a product. Demonstrating the product was my next criteria in building a profitable relationship with a customer. I ensured that whatever product or service I was selling to them, were fully explained about their features and operations. I was also aware of the fact that as a sales associate I may have to deal with financial transactions, including processing various forms of payments, and so I also worked on my reading, writing and mathematical skills.

I would like to meet you in person so that we can further talk about this position. You can contact me at (415)-302-3029 or e-mail me at

Enclosed: Resume, Experience Certificate

This was all on how to go about writing a sales associate cover letter. According to your skills and your past experience, you can include what you think would be relevant to the job you intend to apply for.

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