Sales Director Cover Letter

A sales director is the senior most people in the sales department, and he or she will have to focus on directing and planning all the sales activities that happen in their organization. Moreover, they will also have to monitor the junior level sales staff.

Their main responsibility is increasing the revenue for the project that has been assigned to them as per the target market. This is one of the most demanding jobs and therefore, sales directors have to travel a lot and meet partners, customers, distributors and dealers. The sales director's primary responsibility is meeting the annual and quarterly sales targets.

Since this person is the leader of the sales team, the sales director will have to establish strong sales goals, and come with some incentive programs for their specific region. Sometimes, the sales director will have to perform a revenue forecast and a win or loss report for illustrating the team's complete performance as per the quota.

The sales director will also have the responsibility of creating sales campaigns that have to stay focused on nurturing and communicating relationships with their clients, and driving some of the repeated sales. A few other duties of this position are creating presentations for partners and clients, performing a market analysis and coming-up with strategies for generating quality new business.

This position usually demands a person who has minimum seven years of experience in this field or industry. Sales directors need to posses' excellent multi-tasking, organizational, negotiation and presentation skills.

Remarkable computer skills and some experience in working with the applications, like Microsoft Excel are also needed. The educational qualification required for this profession is a degree in business along with a specialization in sales.

If you have the skills and work experience that you can qualify for a sales director, then you must start applying for jobs. Here is an example sales director cover letter, which you can refer to.

Sales Director Cover Letter Sample

Angel Mahon

3986 Easel Road. * City of Commerce, CA90040 * 818-384-6547 *


Mr. William Lambert
Wakefield Ltd.
2775 Hill Street
Adam, OH45810

Dear Mr. Lambert,

Re: Sales Director Position

I was pleased to see your advertisement for the position of Sales Director in the local newspaper and I would appreciate it, if you consider me for this position. I am confident that my past experience will let me be the ideal candidate for this job, and I will be able to make amazing contributions for Wakefield Ltd if you consider me for this post.

Here you will find a summary of my skills and background history, which is outlined in detail in my attached resume, I have:

I can travel frequently for meeting the clients, distributors and dealers for helping them increase their revenue. I have experience in creating strategies and conducting market analysis for generating new business.

I am confident that my past experience if combined with my skills like multi-tasking, interpersonal and organizational skills, then I would prove to be the best asset for Wakefield Ltd. Kindly contact me at 818-384-6547 or e-mail me at, so that we can fix a date for interview.

Angel Mahon
Your Signature

Enclosure: References

Now, that you have an idea of how to go about writing a cover letter. You can write yours easily and within no time. So, go ahead do your best!

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