Sales Supervisor Cover Letter

Sales supervisors will always work with some of the retail establishments, which deal in selling clothes, cell phones, appliances, electronics and furniture. Sometimes these professionals also have the opportunity of working in the satellite or cable television industry, at financial services or government offices.

The main job of a sales supervisor is motivating and leading sales employees for achieving all the sales objectives of the organization or a retail establishment. These objectives most of the times entail driving sales volume for dollars and units.

From time-to-time, they will have to use promotional tools or the method of point-of-purchase material for increasing the organizations or stores sales volume.

Sometimes sales supervisors will have to hire new sales employees, for making sure that they fill in the proper paperwork such as W-2 and I-9 forms and get them properly trained on the cash register and sales techniques. Sales supervisors also have to monitor the progress of the employees, conduct performance reviews, create action plans for their sales representatives, which are sometimes under-performing employees.

Their function also includes setting different work schedules, making sure that every shift is well covered and make sure employees adhere to the proper dress code and the organizations standards while they are dealing with their customers.

Sales supervisors need to take care of few things as well, like to count down registers, organize store displays and merchandise as well. To get a job as a sales supervisor you will also need a well drafted cover letter.

A cover letter is basically an introduction of yourself and what all you have been doing in your career so far. This one page document will do wonders for you on the job front. Maximum people find it difficult to write a cover letter, but in fact it is very simple.

This article will provide you with a sample sales supervisor cover letter, so that you get a better idea.

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Sales Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Paul Blodgett

4462 Fairmont Avenue.
Trenton, MO64683


Ms. Sherry Aaron
Stanford Group
4923 Oakway Lane
Los Angeles, CA90017

Dear Ms. Aaron,

I was pleased to see the position of sales supervisor opening, which was featured in your organization's website and I would love to express my interest in becoming the newest member in your staff. I have got the experience and training needed for filling the position and proving to be an asset for your organization and its employees.

My vast knowledge in sales has given me the ability in ensuring remarkable customer service and satisfaction every time. Some of my personal qualities include the ability for learning about the organization's products, meeting all the personal sales goals and ensuring that the organization meets the monthly sales quota. I even have the flexibility for traveling to different locations whenever required.

I also have a good amount of experience in recruitment of representatives, and working along with staff members for making sure that proper training is enforced and policies and procedures are always being followed. Handling personal problems and evaluation of staff members in an efficient manner has also been a part of my job.

I have gained the ability for conducting sales presentations, completing contracts and every other paperwork in given time and with utmost accuracy. I know how to conduct weekly meetings for keeping the staff updates with every information of the organization including our responsibility to customers, following sales techniques, and following legal requirements.

I have completed my education in liberal arts from Minnesota University and I am sure that a meeting with you would be highly beneficial for both you and me. You can get in touch with me 660-359-4874 or write to me at


Paul Blodgett

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This is how the ideal cover letter should be. Good luck!

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