Sample Interview Follow Up Letter

Today's job market is so crowded that it has become very difficult to let employers notice you. With so many qualified candidates vying for a single job, separating one from the crowd is essential. Candidates usually tend to assume that they have pocketed the job if they see the interviewers nodding their heads in affirmation to every answer of theirs. In that excitement and over-confidence, they fail to realize that there are still many to be interviewed who can impress the employers better than them. Hence, keeping your candidacy in front of the recruiters until the last round of the interview is necessary. One better way to do so is to write a follow up letter.

Interview Follow Up Letter Sample

Adam F. Lewis
1690 Queens Lane
Crozet, VA 22932
Phone: 434-812-4493

December 01, 2013

George E. Hale
Marketing Manager
ABC Communications Ltd.
1500 Lakeland Park Drive
Crozet, VA 22930

Dear Hale,

It was the best day of my professional career having met you today and discuss at length about the possibility of securing a senior marking executive position at ABC Communications Ltd. After the meeting, I feeel my skills and interest in the marketing field match with the demands of the positions you mentioned.

As you have clearly mentioned during the meeting that you need someone who can push in your products in the local market, and then take it to other states, I am doing the same for my current employer. Further, my interest in the products you market makes me very confident of capturing the local market. Because of my relationships with retail and wholesale stores around the city, I can help you in bringing up the sales and revenue for you.

I am aware that you need to launch five products at one go. My experience in promoting different types of consumer products will solve this purpose and see people buying them without hesitation. One thing I forgot to mention during our discussion is that I have planned and executed a marketing campaign while pursuing a marketing degree. It gave me the confidence of meeting people in person and judging their needs.

I am thankful to you for your time and patience in meeting me. The product you market is of my interest, and I can surely make them a brand name. I am waiting eagerly to her for you soon.


Adam F. Lewis

Presenting yourself separately from the crowd in the job market is accepted by employers. In this regard, writing a follow up letter is a good manner for thanking the recruiters for their time and strengthen your candidacy for the job position.

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