Sample Job Follow Up Letter

Many job applications drop in for a single vacancy as soon as it is published. The competition for securing a coveted job is similar to a war where soldiers are trying to kill each other. The job market is like a battle field where candidates are the soldiers trying to prove their supremacy over each other, though they are not enemies to each other. Hence, you must have some sophisticated weapons in order to win a job-hunting battle. While your resume and cover letter are the first to shoot at the employer, you still need to have more artilleries in stock for not losing the competition. One of the effective ammunition you must have is the skill to write a job application follow up letter. If this armament is missing from your repertoire, brace yourself with this sample letter.

Sample Follow Up Letter

Harold S. Lee
2897 Meadowview Drive
Alum Ridge, VA 24051

December 01, 2013

David A. Jones
HR Manager
Big Company Ltd.
3183 George Avenue
Alum Ridge, VA 24049

Dear Mr. Jones,

My interest rather than curiosity got over me and forced me to write a follow up letter on my job application submitted on December 20 for a marketing manager position. The job vacancy was advertised on I am wondering if you have received it or not.

I have raked through my mind enough to express my interest in the position, but I found none. As I waited for this opportunity quite long, I do not want to let it go is the more simplistic expression I can come with. Moreover, my skills and experience mirror exactly with the requirements you are looking for. I can easily offer a lot more than you have stated in the job advertisement.

In case you have not received my job application, I can resend it the moment you call me at 540-763-0000 or mail me at the above given address. If you need more time to scan all those applications you may have received, please inform me accordingly.

Thanking you for your time.


Harold S. Lee

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