Thank You Letter

Do you know why most applicants do not receive a call for a second interview despite being confident about it? There is a chance that another candidate must have written a job interview thank-you letter which have made the possible difference. However, this result happens when two or more applicants have gained the same score in the interview. Hence, to be safe, you must write a thank-you letter even if you are confident of bagging the job. The letter should restate the important skills for the job and highlight how you can contribute for the company's growth and success. You can also use the letter for including any additional information you forgot during the interview, or satisfy any questions about your experience, and qualifications the employer may have.

Thank You Letter Sample

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
Phone: (123)-456 7890

November 01, 2013

Justin Holloway
XYZ Company
1234 Archer Road
Carlisle, MA 01720

Dear Mr. Justin,

Thank you for being kind in arranging the interview schedule and meeting with me this morning to discuss my profile for a Finance Manager position. I must say it that this was the most logical, endearing, and thought-provoking conversation I ever had.

I am aware of the responsibilities the position includes. Since I started from an entry-level position in the finance field, it has helped me a lot in grasping the types of ground work one has to do. I have done everything from bookkeeping to drafting balance sheet and financial reports.

The area of expertise you are looking for to fill this position has been my core strength. In my current employment, I am looking after cutting production and overhead expenses, and collecting payments from customers. So, you can have confidence on me to handle your needs quite efficiently.

I can also help you in case you are planning to buy an existing or start a new business venture in the city. I have built a good business reputation with local and national authorities whose intervention is essential for clearing paperworks. I can be a best tool to help the company progress.

Again, thank you for your time and considering me worthy for an interview. On your request, I am enclosing a separate list of references for you. I am waiting for a call to meet you again. Please call me for any additional information or answer for questions regarding my qualifications and experience.


Richard Anderson

Enclosure: List of References

The thank-you letter must differentiate between sounding too timid or cocky. Ensure that you express your enthusiasm in a right manner that shows your potential and interest for the job position. The above given sample letter is perfect for you to thank the interviewer and win a second interview call.

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