Sample Resume References Letter

Writing a reference letter for someone you know can boost his or her chance of recruitment. Since most companies need and value references, you may be asked by someone to write a letter to win an opportunity of second look for their resume. The applicant may ask you to write it when applying in your company or another company you are familiar with or have professional connections. If you have not referred anyone before, and wondering how to do so through a cover letter, this sample letter will help you in explaining the applicant's skills to the HR manager in brief.

Reference Letter Sample

Jose M. Segers
Marketing Head
A1 Machines Ltd.
3240 Vine Street
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Phone: 847-604-6541

December 01, 2013

Randall D. Cardona
HR Manager
Marketing Solutions Ltd.
4836 Murry Street
Lake Forest, IL 60042

Subject: Reference Cover Letter

Dear Cardona,

This letter is to mention Calistus Holloway for the position of Senior Web Designer in your company. I first came in contact with him five years ago. Since then we have been in constant touch with each other as we share a common interest on so many things. He was instrumental in designing eye-catching website of our company. I believe that he could be the best person in performing the responsibilities of the job position to your expectations.

During the developing of our company website, I have seen him work closely and was amazed to see the depth of creativity he possesses and his proficiency in the web-designing software. If we were into website developing, I would have given first preference to him. His knowledge and skills in working with the latest tools and applications are unmatchable.

If you are in need of a hard-working, sincere, experienced and skilled person for a senior web designer position, Calistus Holloway is the best person. With this reference letter, I am enclosing his resume. Please call him for an interview.

Thanking you,

Jose M. Segers

Enclosure: Resume of Calistus Holloway

This letter fulfills the purpose of writing as it mentions the applicant and the position he has applied. In addition, the letter also states the professional skills the candidate possess for the job.

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