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Every field is flooded with numerous openings and so is the rush of applicants for those posts. There is cut throat competition everywhere. Given the fact that there are umpteen numbers of professional fields opening up you get to see too many applicants wherever you go. Let us take a sneak peek at what is an agronomist cover letter, let us first have a brief look at what agronomy exactly is. Agronomy is the technical application of various soil and plants, managing different kinds of soil, crop production, etc.

Instructions for Writing Cover Letters

Resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter if you wish to stand a considerable amount of percentage. Think of all your strong points first because you have to convince the reader (recruiter or employer) as to why he or she should select you for the job

Agronomist Cover Letter Format

Correspondence Details of Sender:
(Name, postal, e-mail addresses, phone number)


Professional Details of Addressee:
(Name, designation, name of the firm, address)

Application for ______ post

Body of the Letter

Closing of the Letter

Sign Off (Name)


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Sample Agronomist Cover Letter

James John
Johns' Apartment
7 - Arthur Street, Lane 11
Society of Agents
Washington DC
Contact Number - 523-367-2543


William Arthur
Human Resources Recruiting Manager
Human Resources Department
Potent Agriculture Solutions
Washington DC

Re: Application for Agronomist's post

Mr. Arthur,

Sir, I write this letter with regards to the Agronomist's post in Potent Agriculture Solutions. I came across the notification of the said vacant post in the Washington government employment website, dated 07/26/2011. I would like to apply for the same because I think our association can bring out a considerable amount of profit.

Apart from being well educated and a dedicated employee, if efficient, hard working, multi-tasker and a quick learner is what you are looking for, I am proud to say that I possess these qualities and we can put it to good use.

I plan to meet you with your convenience prior to our scheduled interview to discuss few things. My resume, attached herewith will give you the necessary details required for your formal procedures of selection.

Thanking you.

Kind Regards,
James John.


This was a sample agronomist cover letter but however you can feel free to change the tone of the letter and also the section where you ask for an appointment. You can have a telephonic conversation too instead of a vis--vis interaction. If you wish, you can also mention about why you are inclined towards serving them. So go ahead and remember to do a bit of homework about the organization before actually settling down to writing the cover letter. Best of luck!

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