Anthropologist Cover Letter

Getting a job is most people's concern when they complete their education. Apart from having degrees you need to have soft skills that will make you successful in the job market. Good presentation skills and the art of conveying and portraying the positive things matter the most in the selection procedures of jobs. In this article we will have a brief introduction of what anthropology is and how to draft an anthropology cover letter that supports your resume.


Anthropology is a stream similar to history which studies some special areas restricted to the human race, society, their culture, factors that influenced their way of living and culture, how a race influenced or made a difference in the way the society changed, their social values, the way it evolved, etc. Various changes that time and situations have brought over the period of long years. Studying it is as interesting as it can get but getting a job is little difficult as there are limited sectors that need anthropologists. There are various types though viz., social, biological, medical, physical, forensic, etc.

Anthropologist Resume

An anthropologist's resume can be made very interesting as they can mention their interests in details and also in their hobbies section. Interest and the knowledge is what matters in this field the most as gaining experience going in actual field areas is not as easy in comparison to other professions. Therefore the anthropologist cover letter should be written tactfully emphasizing on your strengths and participation in any studies.

This article will provide you with an example of an anthropologist cover letter following which you can frame your letter. There are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are about to write the letter. Try and find out administrative information about the establishment which regards to their scope of work as it will be helpful while addressing to the employer.

Sample Anthropologist Cover Letter

Torque Earnest
324 Park Street, Nora Residency
Flat No. 23, Sector 12
New Mexico
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - 575 265 1854


James Phillipe
Administrative Recruiter
Department of Anthropology
University of Mexico
New Mexico

Dear Mr. Phillipe,

Subject: Application for Anthropologist

I read the advertisement for Anthropologist's position in the University of Mexico dated 08/29/2011. I would like to tell a few things which I think will interest you because I wish to apply for the Anthropologist's position in your department. I have carried out a survey based on the government reports which dates back to the last 30 years and compiled a report which can surely be included as an extra specialization subject in the university. As of now I do not plan to publicize it but if I become a teacher then probably I can also be their research guide.

I would like to have a face to face talk with you about it in case you think I can become a part of your organization. You could contact me on the phone number provided where I will be available on the week days.

Yours truly,
Torque Earnest


This is how you write an anthropologist cover letter in a soft copy, with everything aligned to the left. Personalizing the cover letter is important as the motive of writing the letter is to impress the employer with your convincing skills. By knowing about the company's profile you can negotiate well about your employment and the genuineness should reflect in the letter. The more particular you are the more are your chances of getting selected for the interview rounds. With this little advice we wish you all the very best for your future endeavors!

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