Arborist Cover Letter

There is a famous saying, 'potential needs to be tapped,' but it takes time and in today's times of cut throat competition and hardcore business attitude no one has that kind of time and patience to judge an individual. This stands especially true when applying for a job and getting short-listed for interviews. You put everything in the resume which looks similar to all the other resumes. Who actually looks into every resume keenly and checks who is better qualified or refers to the extra-curricular activities section of the resumes?

The arborist cover letter comes into the picture here and offers you an opportunity to tell the employer your traits that suit the job profile. You can also pen down your concern about the degrading environmental conditions. Whatever you think is the need of the hour and the job demands, try to show that you have got it in you.

You could use the arborist cover letter to update the employer of the instruments that you can use for various purposes like pruning, cutting, etc. Also pen down if you have any special inclination towards some particular tasks. Now read the following sample letter for understanding better.

Sample Arborist Cover Letter

Peter Suarez
Lincoln Street, House 43
Park Avenue Street 7
Nebraska - Western
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (308) 245 2454


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Nebraska Green Arborists
Nebraska - Western

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Arborist

I want to thank you for the notice you posted on your website. Please consider this letter of mine as a formal application for the job. I have attached the resume and my educational certificates with this letter. I would like to appraise of few personal qualities of mine. Ever since I remember reading and watching programs on the green life around us I realized I have a passion for them. I chose to convert this liking into my academic career and as profession too. The following things will substantiate this interest of mine.

I say all this just to tell you that I am very keen and serious about this Arborist's job. I have taken special training in pruning different plants and studied about the diseases and have experience in treating them too. My stints with the NGOs have given me a good exposure of dealing with the job responsibilities of an Arborist.

Kindly consider my application. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanking you very much.

Sincere Regards,
Peter Suarez

Enclosures: The following documents have been attached to the letter:

If you think the organizations where you have worked have a good reputation and can increase your chances of getting an edge over others then do mention about your experience in detail.

Having confidence in self is the need of the hour and portraying yourself in the same manner is very important. Have a look at your resume when done with writing the arborist cover letter and check whether you have repeated any points, try and not write repetitive content as you are supposed to save the addressee's time. That is why we suggest to use bulleted points to write about yourself. Long paragraphs and letters will not get the wanted attention. With this we wish you luck!

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