Clinical Research Assistant Cover Letter

It is necessary to write a cover letter when applying for a clinical research assistant position. It is the only way to display your skills and experience to the prospective employer. It has the potential to influence the decision of the employer in fixing an interview with you. However, before writing a cover letter, there are a few things to be considered.

First, you must get to know about the company you are going to be associated with, regardless of a permanent, or a contract basis. Then only you would be able to generate and show your interest in the company. Do some research as it will surely help you since companies love to hire people who are interested in working with them. You can express your interest by stating about the clinical research projects the company is involved.

Since experience is the key in securing a position in the research field, tell the employers that they can use it for their needs. Indicate that you can manage the daily operations that take place in the lab experiments and conduct the research, collect and analyze the data.

Cover Letter Sample

Christopher C. Hanna
1486 Pearcy Avenue
Portland, IN 47371
Phone: 260-729-5519


Steve G. Garcia
Recruitment Manager
Phoenix Research Inc.
282 Wayside Lane
Portland, IN 47320

Subject: application for the position of Clinical Research Assistant

Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am interested in working as a Clinical Research Assistant for Phoenix Research Inc. since the research projects your organization takes coincides with my interest. I have been following the products manufactured by your company for so many years and always wondered if I could have been a member of the team who has worked behind it. As I cannot wait for the opening to be advertised, I am planing to apply out of my interest for the mentioned position in your organization.

After I graduated from the Portland University, I have been working as an assistant for three years with my current employer, Noble Research Foundation. While receiving training at the University, I have been a part of my clinical research projects. The training helped me in exploring research methods, collecting required data, doing clinical trials, and helping researchers in analyzing and evaluating statistics.

Coming back to the interest in your projects, I have always thought of working in making animal-care products. I really want to see animals recovering from their ailments in much painless manner. Your products for treating pets have been favorite among animal lovers. I am sure that my interest and your reputation together can produce best results the veterinary industry has ever seen.

I am skillful in managing daily operations of clinical trials, lead and monitor the team of associates, and oversee the staff operations in the absence of researchers. Further, I have been flawless in written and oral communication skills. My confidence and experience are reasons enough for you to consider me for an employment. In continuation to this application letter, I will call you this Friday to know your decision about meeting me.


Christopher C. Hanna

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter not only expresses the candidate's interest for the position, but also explains he has research on the company he is trying for a job in.

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