Geologist Cover Letter

It is a known fact that earth has a mysterious crust and there are a lot of interesting facts about it. Have you ever known who manages to get these facts to us? The professionals who study the earth's crust closely are known as geologists. These people will study the crust, design correct information and picture regarding its history, composition and structure. For petroleum, diamond and construction companies, geologists will provide them detailed information on everything that is associated with earth.

Geologists are always recruited at a large pay package with various organizations. There are different types of geologists such as mineralogist who will study precious stones, rocks and minerals. Paleontologists these professionals will always work with biologists for finding out more information on prehistoric times, they mainly study rocks and fossils. Engineering geologist will work for determining where they need to lay pipelines, build roads and construct dams.

Maximum of the geologists in the United States will be employed by the private industries, with maximum employment happening in the natural gas and petroleum industry. These people are responsible for finding out new sources for gas and oil by gathering all the samples of soil and rock. The educational background required for this profession is a bachelor's degree in geology. If an individual wants to teach geology, then they would also need a teaching certificate along with this degree.

The demands for geologists are increasing, therefore, if you want to work as a geologist then start applying for jobs. Make sure that you accompany your resume with a cover letter to make a better and stronger impact on the employer. There are a lot of job opportunities, for experienced and upcoming geologists, so make sure that you don't miss out on these opportunities. This article will provide you with sample geologist cover letter to give you a better idea.

Geologist Cover Letter Sample

Your Contact Information
Hollis Emerson
4600 Mudlick Road
Spokane, WA99202
Mobile: 509-553-3289
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Leida Cameron
Museum of Natural History
1802 Henry Ford Avenue
Sapulpa, OK74066

Date: December 4, 2011

Dear Ms. Cameron,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of Geologist and submitting my resume for the same reason. I am sure that my varied study in science will prove to be a benefit for any organization, which I work for and that I will be bringing an understanding about earth, and its properties, which will be appreciated by Museum of Natural History.

Below is a summary of my background, which has got me to apply for this position in your organization:

I would enjoy working for an organization, which will appreciate my skills and will understand the demands of this job. Therefore, I think that I would be a great member for your organization and the team I will be working in. I assure you that I would prove to be an asset for Museum of Natural History.

I would request you to schedule an interview, so that we can discuss my qualifications and the demands of this job in detail. You can get in touch with me via e-mail or you can call me at 509-553-3289. I am sure that this personal meeting will prove to be beneficial to us.

Hollis Emerson
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

Keep your cover letter focused as per the requirements of the recruiter. Do not over exaggerate about anything. Do your best!

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