Microbiologist Cover Letter

A microbiologist cover letter is a document that is attached with your resume to highlight your work experience, educational qualifications and any other related achievements. The cover letter can also include certain specialties you might possess in the field. Emphasize on all your good qualities and make yourself look different from all other applicants for the job. Your uniqueness is the reason that might get you the job. A cover letter does just that. It brings out your individuality. An effective cover letter is looked for by the recruiters.

While writing a cover letter, one should always remember to include their own name, address, contact number and email address. After that, add the name of the employer or his designation, the name of the company and its address. Select the appropriate font and font size for the letter. It should be legible and pleasant to look at. Use simple words and understandable language. Check that your sentences are grammatically correct. Also, be sure that you use professional and formal language in your cover letter. It should also shed light on your special interests in the field and what improvements you can make further in the company. Prove through the letter that you will be an asset to the company.

Below is a sample of a microbiologist cover letter.

Microbiologist Cover Letter Sample

Ernie Macmillan
67 Gorgon Pathway
Broadway Ave.
Ohio 876593

Contact Number:
00133098763426/ 0013309875303


The Hiring Manager
Marlington Research
67 Westside Lane
Portsmouth Road
Ohio 876539

Dear Sir

Subject: Application for the post of a microbiologist in Marlington Research.
Reference: Advertisement on www.jobmonster.com

I recently came across an advertisement regarding the job opening for a microbiologist in Marlington Research. I would like to apply for the same. I have completed my college degree in microbiology from Akron Microbiology Institute. After that I was conducting a research about certain marine pathogens with a couple of my peers. I have completed my research and am now in search of a permanent employment that will offer me scope to learn more and explore the microbiology field.

I became a microbiologist in order to help protect the environment. I have been concerned about nature ever since I saw Algore's "An Inconvenient Truth." I saw this documentary when I was in eighth grade and started working towards a better environment since then. My interest just increases my dedication and determination. I even participated in a microbiology seminar in Brazil last summer. There we were taught about water treatment, pathogenic diseases and much more. It was quite an experience and has shed new light on my research.

I wish to discuss more details with you over a personal interview and I hope I fit the job profile in the way that you will find me pragmatic. I will be obliged to provide the necessary documents on request. I have really been looking forward to work with such an esteemed company as yours and fulfilling my life long dream of preserving the environment and helping the people.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Ernie Macmillan

The above sample of a microbiologist cover letter may prove to be effective in composing your own personalized microbiologist cover letter. It can be altered and tailored to your preferences and job requirements. Remember all the key points to creating a good cover letter and write a cover letter that will set you apart. All the best!

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