Molecular Biologist Cover Letter

A molecular biologist looking for a job today faces immense competition. What does one do to present an impressive resume while applying for a job? A cover letter turned in along with the resume can be of great help. A molecular biologist cover letter contains all your educational background, including courses and workshops you have completed and might have attended related to the molecular biology field. You may also include any past work experience you have had and other hands on experiences. Impress upon your qualities, abilities and achievements throughout the letter. Showcase what you can do and your ability to do an excellent job.

While writing a molecular biologist cover letter, one needs to remember a few important points:

Sample Molecular Biologist Cover Letter

Hannah Swigert
76 Holly Apartments
Turner Road
California 876964

Contact number:
0013308769642/ 0013308764953


The Hiring Manager
Merlock industries
87 Hannover Lane
Paramount Road
California 876594

Dear sir/ madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a molecular biologist.
Reference: Advertisement in The California Herald.

I recently came across an advertisement stating the vacancy for the post of a molecular biologist at Merlock Industries and I write this letter with a purpose to apply for the same. I take great interest in the field and wish to pursue it further. I am a dedicated worker and love what I do. Given a chance I could work wonders and earn unprecedented profits for the company. I feel my work ethic and background are ideal for the post you have offered. I have summarized my qualifications and achievements below.

I am now 27 years old and currently working on a project for Carter Development and Research. I work with a team of four molecular biologists. The term of this work has almost come to an end and I wish to acquire a more permanent employment with my collective experience. In 2004, I passed out of The University of Sacramento with a degree in molecular biology. After I passed out, a few of my peers and I started working on a project dealing with intensive research on protein biosynthesis. Our thesis received an award for recognition from the University of Sacramento.

I feel that I will be an asset to your company and that my recruitment can bring a fresh outlook on molecular biology. I have worked with determination all my life and wish to continue to do so. I will be obliged to come by your office and provide the necessary documents and proofs if we could schedule a personal interview.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Hannah Swigert

The above sample molecular biologist cover letter is an ideal example of how the cover letter should look like. Emphasize on all you good qualities and past work worth mentioning. Be confident and impress upon all your virtues. You can even alter and tailor the letter according to your requirements. All the best and I hope this sample cover letter aids you in what you want to do. All the best!

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