Scientist Cover Letter

Understanding the world around and coming up with new discoveries and creating new products depending on the breakthrough is the main domain of a scientist. These well trained professionals are found studying different scientific fields. Whether it is biological research, medical research or any other related study, these people are responsible for making new discoveries and increasing human knowledge. The main duties of a scientist are usually involving study and investigation, though this depends on their stream of study, this can have many forms. For instance, biological researchers will spend most of their time in the laboratory, conducting experiments and studying biological samples.

Sometimes scientists will have to travel out in the field, to collect specimens and observe the wildlife in their natural habitats. Similarly, a person working as a geoscientist will have to analyze the strata of rock, collect samples from the voyages of oceans or make expeditions in some of the remotely populated areas. These scientists are usually seen working with government agencies, colleges, universities, and companies. Most of the scientists have to complete a bachelor's degree in their respective fields, though most of them have masters or doctoral degree. These professionals are always seen working indoors in a comfortable environment. They have no fixed working hours, especially when they are examining sensitive issues.

Scientists, along with basic knowledge in their field, must have a natural curiosity about the surroundings and should be able to come up with some new experiments and different research methods for investigating it. As they always work with other scientists, engineers and technicians, they should possess excellent communication skills. They should have the ability for expressing their findings in both and written and oral form, so that they are able to share their discoveries with the entire world. Due to the increased competition it has become difficult to get a job as a scientist. However, with a well-written cover letter you can minimize the competition. Read on to find out an example scientist cover letter that you can use as a reference.

Scientist Cover Letter

Wayne Eckert

4596 Hickory Ridge Drive.
Las Vegas, NV89106

December 23, 2011

Mr. Jack Faison

National Chemical Laboratory
4979 Diamond Street
Asheville, NC28801

Dear Mr. Faison,

Today I am writing this letter for expressing my interest in the position of a scientist, which was advertised by your organization last week in the local newspaper. I am an accomplished and talented scientist who has experience in oncology, toxicology and some other areas. I have gained more than six years of professional experience as a scientist, and I have worked with some of the most respective universities and laboratories in the country. I have been successful in every experimental technique for innovative development, and have published more than ten papers and articles under my credit. Now, I am only interested in getting my talents and skills for working with your organization.

My knowledge in biotechnological, biomedical and physiological research, together when clubbed with my ability in producing reproducible and accurate results, makes me the right choice for this position. I am adept in implementing and designing experimental procedures in disciplines such as mutation, pharmaceutical, cellular biology, genetic expression, immunology and toxicology.

Also, I have excellent skills in a huge range of experimental techniques, including RNA, DNA, manipulation, recombination and sequencing, and many more. I have experience in both vivo and vitro experimentation, and have carried out many investigations for molecular regulation for cancer cells in green tea polyphenols, and mediation for cap-independent translation for humans carcinoma cells. I have the ability to provide training and supervising laboratory technicians and fellows, and also I am familiar with the process of grant preparation.

I promise to bring first-rate communication skills for any position that I am working for, knowledge of clinical and medical procedures, and strong analytical talents. I will give a call in your office next week for inquiring about the chances of a meeting. Thank you considering my application and giving me your time.


Wayne Eckert

Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

As a scientist, you must have achieved a lot of things in your career; hence, you will have to be very specific of the details you need to mention in your cover letter. You cannot write a lengthy letter, therefore, make sure that you fit all the important details in the minimal possible space. Good luck!

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