Armed Guard Cover Letter

You need training for being an armed guard in handling arms, self defense and also need to have a firearms license. The job consists of ensuring security to an apartment, building, office, banks, etc. Security from various things like fire, if somebody is trapped in the elevator, being vigilant about the visitors, not allowing unauthorized people from entering certain areas, patrolling the area under him, etc. are a part of the armed guard's duties.

What is the percentage that makes you confident of getting through the selection rounds when applying for the job? Think and answer, is it around 95% or lesser? If you are confident what is it that gives you the confidence? Well, for all those who are not sanguine of getting a call from the recruiter when applying for jobs, you need to have self assurance, confidence and write an armed guard cover letter along with the resume.

The cover letter is where you can put in your heart and soul and express your motives for being a part of the company where you have applied for the job. The example of the cover letter in this article will show you how it matters in the application.

When the recruiter or the employer sees that an applicant is confident about his or her abilities for doing the job, they are bound to call you. So by keeping this in mind we see the following example.

Sample Armed Guard Cover Letter

Christopher Reid
Lincoln Street, House 43
Park Avenue Street 7
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (907) 458 7784


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Do It Software Solutions

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Armed Guard

Please consider this letter of mine as an application for the job of an Armed Guard in your company. I am aware that your company works in shifts and I will have to work round the clock. I understand there are three shifts for the guards. I am sure it is very well managed as the timings and policies are chalked out keeping in mind the employees' requirements, which I appreciate a lot. I have been working since four years now and I am yet to see or hear about a company that offers us pick up and drop too like they do for other employees.

I believe when we as employees see that the employer is not one who cares just about his business but also his employees it automatically sends a positive vibe. This is a big motivating factor for us to be sincere and committed to work. Hence I would love to work for you. My contact details are mentioned above. Please do call me for discussing anything you want to even before the interview. I am available on all working days of the week.

Thanking you a lot.

Sincere regards,
Christopher Reid

Enclosures: I have attached the documents mentioned below along with this letter:

There are a few things that you must have noticed in this sample armored guard cover letter like the letter is addressed to a specific person. You are supposed to find it out and the designation as well. In this way you personalize the letter and when writing to the addressee you will be in a better position when you know about the company profile too. The information should be available on their official website on the internet. If not, a phone call or visit to the company should give you the information. Wishing you all the very best for your future!

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