Armored Car Driver Cover Letter

Ever wondered how is the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) refilled? It is the job of an armored car driver to drive the cash to the ATM machines and then other professional ensures it is deposited safely. It is a job that requires honesty and responsibility. Having a commercial driver's license is the professional requirement but the personal traits required for doing this job holds importance than the former. The armored car driver cover letter is the personal letter you can write to the employer when applying for a job.

Although the resume gives details of your experience there is something more you can do to grab the employer's attention and that is trying to convince them about how you can do justice to the job. An armored car driver cover letter format is like the American letter writing style. The contents are left aligned and a formal font face and size is to be used without any decoration.

In the letter you can try enumerating the personal qualities you have that can fetch you the job. The intention of an employee is the most important factor that the recruiters try to gauge when selecting a candidate. It is important to convey the right message across to them. So through the armored car driver cover letter you can make an attempt to do the same.

The following is a sample cover letter of a person who has an experience of six months working for a security agency. You can take a hint from the sample though for knowing how to write your cover letter because the basic content should be similar.

Sample Armored Car Driver Cover Letter

Adam Stevens
Flat No. 43, New Mary Housing Complex
Parker Street
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (214) 456 4781


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Armored Car Driver

I write to you for applying for the position of Armored Car Driver in ABCD Bank. I have been working with the agency Eagles Guarding Agency for six months. My manager told me about the opening in your bank. I wish to come out of the graveyard shift timings and hence looking for a job change just after six months. I can assure you that this has nothing to do with my reliability as an employee. I have a genuine reason for wanting to quit this current job of mine.

I would like to explain my responsibility at Eagles Guarding Agency. Transferring valuables of various banks and insurance companies that were clients of my agency was one of my major jobs. While the transferring process was on I used to guard the van and ensure that the process happened without interference of any kind from outsiders. I am proud to say that during my assignment tenure there has been no case of theft, misplacement of the valuables or any road accidents too.

I am a responsible employee and give my work the highest priority in my life. This is where I earn my bread from and I would like to be a part of your company now. My manager has given me a letter of recommendation. Hope it will tell you more about my work.

Thanking you.

Sincere regards,
Adam Stevens

Enclosures: I have attached the following documents along with this letter of mine:

Hope this sample armored car driver cover letter tells you how to convince the employer of your sincerity. When you are a fresher you have more number of things to enumerate as to why you find the job interesting or why are it that you want to be a part of the organization or what allures you into this job, etc. So has confidence irrespective of whether you have experience or not. Wish you best of luck!

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