Armored Car Messenger Cover Letter

The profession of an armored car messenger is someone who keeps in constant touch with the radio team of a van that carries and transfers valuables to different places. In most of the cases the van might be for banks and thus an armored car messenger maintains contact with the team giving minute to minute report. The profession forms an important part of the delivery systems. As is evident the person handling this responsibility needs to have some traits like being trustworthy, meticulous, sincere and vigilant too. So, when applying in an organization for this position does it not make sense to give an account of these qualities in the armored car messenger cover letter?

Well, this is where one has to use the cover letter for his or her advantage. You are free to use the letter as you want to boost your resume and convince the employer of your abilities and to keep faith in you. It is important for securing a call for interview at least. There are many applicants for a single position and this is the least we can do to get the recruiter into reading our resume. Once you succeed in portraying yourself well your job is done. The rest depends on the employer then.

Armored Car Messenger Cover Letter Example

Applying for a job is not sufficient nowadays, one needs to follow up and convince the employer of the fact that you can be banked upon and that he or she should call you for the interview and further selection procedure. From our side the least we can do is make an attempt to persuade the recruiter or employer by mentioning all that we have got with respect to the job responsibilities they need.

When writing the armored car messenger cover letter in the soft copy makes sure you run the spell check option to avoid any spelling and grammar mistakes. The letter should be in the American format.

Sample Armored Car Messenger Cover Letter

Lily Bevan
926 Argonne Street
New Castle
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (907) 458 7784


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Latitude Banking Services

Dear Miss. Earnest,
Subject: Job application for Armored Car Messenger

I noticed the advertisement you posted for the position of an Armored Car Messenger in Latitude Banking Services website. This letter to you is to formally apply for the position. I have had some experience of doing this job for the Latitude Bank Private Limited. I was employed there for duration of one and a half years then I had to quit for completing my post graduation. I performed the duties as a part time employee. I am happy to state that I have had a good feedback from my manager and I have attached a letter of recommendation too to this letter.

I am sure of one thing and that is I am an honest person who takes my job seriously be it part time of full time. You can bank on me for being punctual and carrying out my work sincerely. I think we should meet once for discussing about this employment.

Thanking you in earnest for your valuable time.

Sincere regards,
Lily Bevan


This sample armored car messenger cover letter written by a candidate who has worked part time in the similar job profile. You can refer to this for writing your letter with making the necessary changes of course with respect to the names of the people you are addressing to in the letter. Personalizing the cover letter is important to have the desired impact on the employer.

Before you send in the final draft of the armored car messenger cover letter to the employer it is advised to read a few samples so that you have a variety of choices and can write yours accordingly. Wish you all the very best!

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