Lifeguard Cover Letter

A lifeguard cover letter contains the qualifications and training completed by a lifeguard to qualify for the job. A lifeguard is expected to place other people's life before his. This is what needs to be conveyed to the recruiter. You need to impress upon the recruiter with your sacrificial qualities and ability to save people. You could even include the training programs and workshops you have gone through to complete your training as a lifeguard. The construction and format of your cover letter also depends on where you want to apply for the post of a lifeguard.

There are some key points to write an impressive cover letter. It should include all the details a recruiter is looking for. Firstly, enter your name, address, contact number and email address. You may include other personal details like fax number, landline number etc. Include the name of the company, the designation of the person you are addressing the letter to and the address of the company. Choose a suitable font and font size for your letter. Create a format and follow it. Include all your qualifications and details. Do not use heavy and complicated words. Keep the letter short and simple. Include a subject for your letter stating the purpose of your cover letter. Also mention the reference which enlightened you about the vacancy for the post. You may also include the date.

Sample Lifeguard Cover Letter

Sam Marquez
56 Lullaby Lane
South Park
Timber Road
California 745342

Contact number:
00133047592956/ 0013304757563


June 23rd 2011

The Hiring Manager
Marine Works Pvt. Ltd.
67 East Street Buildings
Woodland Complex
Broadway Avenue
California 745930

Dear Sir

Subject: Application for the post of a lifeguard.
Reference: Advertisement on

An advertisement about the vacancy for the post of a lifeguard at Marine Works Pvt. Ltd. came to my notice recently, on the website I write this letter with an object to apply for the post of the lifeguard. I am 25 years of age and have been swimming since high school. I am national level swimmer and have taken part in various swimming championships, the Grandslam Flipper Tournament being one of them. I can provide proof for the same on request.

I graduated out of Akron University with a degree in Physical Training. My interest further led me into first aid. I completed one year first aid course in Britain and have now acquired the skill to provide first aid under the most adverse conditions to the worst injuries or ailments. After this venture, I professionally entered into the lifeguard occupation. I have been a freelancer for the beach resorts in California but now seek for a more permanent employment. I completed my lifeguard course through Aquatica School for Water Sports.

I think I fit the job profile well and can serve you well. I am a dedicated worker and put the safety of those in the water before mine. I wish to save lives and be a hero for the people. Under your watchful guidance I hope to fulfill my dream of being a lifeguard and I assure you, hiring someone like me will not entail in any kinds of regret or reproach. I wish to discuss further on these lines if we could schedule an interview soon.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Sam Marquez

The above sample of a lifeguard cover letter can give ideas to construct a personalized cover letter. It can be altered and tailored according to your needs and the job requirements. Just remember to write an impressive cover letter that will support you resume. Good luck!

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