Museum Curator Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter for a museum curator, it is necessary to make a lasting first impression on the hiring manager as this letter is usually the first point of contact between the hiring museum and you.

A museum curator is a skilled individual who is responsible for sourcing and maintaining items of importance in a museum. Larger museums may have more than one curator with the tasks divided accordingly, while smaller museums may be handled by a single curator who performs multiple tasks and assigns appropriate workers to specific jobs. A museum curator cover letter should state your desire to work for the museum and also give the hiring manager a brief description about your past work experience and suitability for the job.

Basic job functions of a museum curator include procuring rare items, maintenance of existing items, providing high level of security for valuable items, communicating with art agencies and artists in order to set up exhibitions in the museum, which will attract more visitors.

We have prepared a few guidelines, which will help you in writing your museum curator cover letter.

Guidelines on writing a Museum Curator cover letter

Sample of Museum Curator Cover Letter

Evan G. Philip
2878 Arbutus Drive
Miami, FL 33179
Phone: 305-914-8924
Email ID:


Scott L. Newman
Hiring Manager
Miami Art Museum
3533 Oxford Court
Miami, FL 33130

Dear Mr. Newman,

In response to your advertisement in December 2011's edition of Art Today, for the post of a museum curator at your renowned Miami Art museum, I am writing this letter in order to state my intent on applying for the aforementioned job position based on my credentials and experience in this field.

I have been working as a curator at the Washington Museum, Miami, FL for the last seven years and as an assistant curator at the Lincoln Memorial Museum, Tampa, FL for a period of four years. Detailed job descriptions and functions at these two places are stated in my resume which has been attached along with this letter for your reference.

In performing my role as a museum curator, I have conducted several tasks such as acquiring new items for the museum from various sources and performing regular maintenance checks on current items, regardless of their value. I have also helped in formulating an extensive security plan for the museum to prevent the theft or misuse of any items by visitors or miscreants.

Based on my skilled experience in this field, I believe I am perfectly suited for the job position of a museum curator at your well renowned museum and would strive hard to give my best to help the museum grow, if selected for the job.

Please feel free to contact me on my details provided above if you have any queries regarding my profile.

Sincerely yours,

Evan G. Philip



As seen in the above sample, a cover letter for a museum curator has to provide the hiring manager with relevant information and a solid intent about your interest in the job. The letter should be presented in a clear and concise language, which is easy to understand.

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