Park Ranger Cover Letter

Convincing the employer that you have expertise in the field for which you are applying is very important when you send your application for a particular position. A cover letter helps you in this. If you are experienced and sent a cover letter earlier then you might be having an idea of how a cover letter can be written. This parker ranger cover letter will help beginners in drafting an impressive cover letter and experienced individuals excel the quality of their cover letter.

Job Description of a Park Ranger:

Park rangers work in preserving the natural treasures and wild life of the country, especially national parks, regional parks and state parks. If you are interested in working as a park ranger, you should consider pursuing a degree in Botany, Geology, Geography or any Environmental Science degree. They work to implement rules in the parks and draft rules that should be followed by the tourists and the visitors of the park. The day-to-day responsibilities of the park rangers vary largely. Even people who don't have relevant qualifications can work as park managers if they have experience in any relevant field. People who have passed a master's degree in forestry and park management have better employment chances.

Here we have tried to provide a sample cover letter for a park ranger that will help you in writing your own cover letter. Instead of giving the example directly, we have tried to provide a sample format as well so that you get a clear idea.

Format of Park Ranger Cover Letter

Details of the employee From
[Applicants Name]
[Address for Correspondence]
[Telephone Number]
[E-mail Address]

[Date: MM/DD/YY]

Details of employer
[Employer's Name]
[Employer's Title]
[Organization Name]
[Address of the company]

Subject: [To clear the purpose of your letter without wasting the employer's time in guessing your intention of sending a letter]

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss [Employer's Name],

Initial Paragraph: You don't have to take too much effort in writing an introductory paragraph of your cover letter. In the initial paragraph of your cover letter, you are expected to mention the designation name for which you are applying and source of your information. A separate mention of the reference of your information can also be made after the subject line. You can also impress the employer by showing your confidence in the position for which you wish to work.

Middle Paragraph: Convincing the employer that you have the required qualities for a particular position is the main purpose of your cover letter. This objective can be achieved by making the employer aware of some of your exceptional qualities here. Do not list too many qualities in chronological order. This can form a bad impression on the employer. Focus only on those skills that can earn plus points for you.

Concluding Paragraph: Showing your gratitude to the employer or the reader will show the employer that you have good professional etiquette. You can thank the employer here and also express your enthusiasm in meeting him/her.

[Your Name]
[Current Designation]

Enclosures/Attachments: Documents that you are about to send with this application should be mentioned here.

Sample Park Ranger Cover Letter

Thomas White
297 Green Apple Street
White's Cottage
Arizona - 43600
Phone number: 938-738-0386
Email address:


Donald Miller
Park Administrator
Arizona National Park
Arizona - 94647

Subject: Application seeking position of Park Ranger (Job code: parr0374)
Reference: Advertisement in

Dear Donald Miller,

I am pleased to know that Arizona National Park is currently looking for fresher Park Rangers in for the Mesa City. After reading your requirements in the I came to know that excel the qualifications and requirements for this position. I am sending this application along with my resume for your reference.

I have completed my graduation in Environmental Science with distinction and have passed master's degree in Park Management with first class. I would be the most suitable candidate for this position and would help the park get benefited by implementing more stringent rules to save the wild life and the natural wealth of the country.

You can review my resume. If you require any clarifications regarding my background you can reach me. I will available 24 hours of the day.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas White


Degree certificates

Hope, this parker ranger cover letters helped you.

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