Screener Cover Letter

Together your cover letter and resume will be directly speaking to the employers, letting your accomplishments to shine when you highlight important ways through which you can work efficiently. The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce yourself, trying to spark some interest for learning more about you, and giving information for supplementing your resume. Writing a good cover letter can be quite intimidating and a good research will make your cover letter standout and will increase your chances of hitting the right notes. Here are a few things to consider while writing a cover letter:


When you make your cover letter, impress your employer by using the right tone. Start with addressing your cover letter to a specific person, and make sure that you have used the correct spelling for the name. Your tone always has to be professional and formal; never use slang, never bombard them with technical jargons, or attempt any joke. Whenever you are describing your accomplishments, never sound rocky or boost about yourself; instead always let your strength speak for them.


Some of the job postings will have certain questions that the employer will want the candidate to address in the resume or cover letter. Note down all the specific questions and make sure that you have covered each element in your cover letter. Most of the times the recruiters will automatically eliminate candidates who have failed to address the questions. Also, you must never send a generic cover letter to every employer; you can make a master cover letter, but you will have to change the details of the letter as per individual job descriptions.


Always remember that making a cover letter involves more than simply adding content. You will have to convey professionalism and quality by choosing heavy, matching stationery colors. You must always print the resume and cover letter in the same font and same kind of paper. Try to edit your cover letter to one page; overly long cover letter will demonstrate that you are facing problems in articulating and prioritizing your message.

Now, that you have the idea of how to write a screener cover letter, you can start with your own letter. However, below is a sample screener cover letter, which will clear your doubts.

Screener Cover Letter


Jennie Hein
3822 Shearwood Forest Drive
Rochester, NH 3867
Mobile: 603-332-9431
E-mail id:

Date: 1 January, 2011

Clara Richardson
California University
3475 Tavern Place
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Dear Ms. Clara,

I was happy to know about the opening for a screener position at the California University next month and I would like to express my genuine interest for this position. After I completed my graduation I have been working as a security guard for a clothing firm since the last six years.

I constantly work hard to maintain a serene environment for visitors and personnel in my facility and this has always been my priority. I take every responsibility assigned to me seriously and always act like a professional no matter what situation comes in front of me. My previous experience also includes manually inspecting every individual, items, and belongings for anyone entering or exiting the premises whenever required and patrolling the area.

In addition, I have extremely good interpersonal skills and the ability for effectively working alone or in a team. I also have the ability for staying alert every time and for picking up on anything that happens out of ordinary. My flexibility lets me work anytime so coming to work at the last minute is also not a problem for me.

I would appreciate it if you give me a chance for meeting you face-to-face and talking about the details involved in the screener position and what it takes to qualify for this position. I can be available for an interview anytime you want and you can call me at 603-332-9431. Please get in touch with me at your earliest possible convenience.


Jennie Hein

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