Security Analyst Cover Letter

The security system is designed for protecting property and life, there is always some assumption that threats will continue to adapt and overcome any security measure. Private and public security agencies will use the security analysts for identifying the weaknesses and recommending improvements for security policy. A security analyst is responsible for assessing the effectiveness and appropriateness of any policy. If the policy is no longer functioning as intended, then it is the job of security analyst to point that out. This happens usually in terms to very specific policies such as checking IDs at the entrances, grand strategy and taking care of overall security policy of the nation.

A security analyst for a private organization will have to assess all the particular risks, which are associated with the operations. They have to come up with reports where the organizations management and investors are aware of the risks involved. These professionals are mainly responsible for checking the weaknesses, strengths and vulnerability of any given security policy. With the increasing risk in the world today, the demand for these professionals has boomed. Here are some things that you need to consider while writing a cover letter:

These are a few things that you consider. However, here is a sample security analyst cover letter that will give you a much better idea.

Security Analyst Cover Letter

Elizabeth Upshaw
3989 Post Farm Road
Atlanta, GA 30309
Mobile: 404-208-2372
E-mail id:

Date: 2 January, 2011

Shawn Johnson
CNW Brothers Ltd.
1778 Thorn Street
Mountain View, WY 82939

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I have always wanted to work for a position that is fulfilling and challenging and that is why I want to apply for the security analyst position. From the job description given by you, it seems that I have found the right position. I want to thank you in advance for going through my attached resume.

I can guarantee you that I am the best qualified candidate for this profession, as I have been working as a security analyst since the last ten years. First, I started working in this role for an information security firm, Microsoft, headquartered in New York City. Later I started working as a security analyst for Info Corporation in New York City. I am aware that is one of the best opportunities for me, as I have got all the skills that you have mentioned in the ad: knowledge, vast experience, good track record for analysis, and knowledge of the security systems. I can work very well on my own, as well as when I am put in a team.

I would like to thank you once again for considering my resume and this cover letter for the opening at Vertical Business Solutions. I can be given a call at 404-208-237 any time at your convenience.


Elizabeth Upshaw

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This is how ideally your cover letter should look, simple and up to the point. Try writing your letter in the similar manner. Good luck!

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