Security Director Cover Letter

Even if security director is a senior position, a security director cover letter is required along with the resume. The position of security director is a coveted one. Therefore, there are many applicants for this position. Even the people, who have not achieved this post but have experience in the field of security, apply for this position so they get the job and a promotion as well.

Security directors have to manage the whole security of the place. They could either work for a company providing internal security or they could be working for a firm which provides security to private organizations. The common thing in both of type of employments is good salary. The director is the head of security and manages all the employees and functions.

This position also carries a lot of responsibilities. Hence, this is considered to be a senior management position, which makes writing a good cover letter with it all the more important. This cover letter should highlight your management skills and all other administrative responsibilities. You can also mention a few technical things related to security as recruiters look for it.

As you are applying for a senior position, you cover letter should be professional. You cannot afford to make silly mistakes in it. Follow this simple idea and rest will be easy. For your better understanding we will provide you some guidelines and a full-fledged letter. They will clear all the doubts you have.

Guidelines to write a security director cover letter

Using these instructions below is a sample letter given by us to help you understand what the security cover letter should have.

Sample Security Director Cover Letter

James Connor
324, Holly Street
Fresno, California, USA
(314) 736 9269

Marshall Roberts
General Manger
Force Securities
54 Carter Road
Fresno, California, USA

Dear Mr. Roberts,

I am interested in the position of security director that is open in your company. I was informed by Mr. Avery Bell that your former director retired and the company was looking for an able candidate to fill his shoes. Having previously worked with me, Mr. Bell felt that I would be the right man for the job. I too am confident that I can do a good job in this position.

I have worked in Jade Securities for the past two years as an assistant security director. Over here, I have managed most of the security assignments that came in the firm. My expertise is in making efficient blue prints for security CCTV cameras. I also designed the training module for all the security officers employed with us.

Incorporating new technology in our security services was another expertise of mine. I stay updated on all the latest developments in security technology and study how they can be implemented in serving our clients better. I wish to bring same hard work and foresight to your company if given the opportunity.

Please give me an opportunity to attend an interview for this position, so I can speak to you personally of all the great qualities I can bring to this position and your company. My contact details are as stated above. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
James Connor


  1. Photocopy of Resume
  2. Photocopy of master's degree in business administration
  3. Photocopy of certificate from CISCO

This letter is a perfect sample for a security director cover letter. This will assure you of an interview and the rest is then up to you.

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