Security Guard Cover Letter

These days buildings, property, and events need protection from theft, vandalism, illegal activity, and fire. For this same purpose, a security guard is employed to take care of the organization. Some of the security guards are known to carry weapons, most of them will work unarmed. They usually rely on different techniques for tackling crime, but most of the times they will not engage in armed conflicts with criminals or trespassers. Security guards sometimes are also known as security officers. These professionals are employed with individuals, companies, government agencies, or organizations. These jobs will always have varying requirement depending on the employer, but their main job is to protect crime.

These professionals spend most of their time monitoring different security cameras, patrolling the entire building, or driving in unmarked or marked security vehicles. Most of the times, security guards will be assigned a specific building or facility so that they can easily patrol different areas and make security checks from time-to-time. However, there is no special educational requirement for this profession, but most of the employers want security guards to have at least a high school diploma. Most of the states also have the rule, that all the security guards must have state licensing, armed or unarmed.

The skills that are looked for in a security guard are to hold a driver's license, as well he or she has to pass the criminal background check. They have to be emotionally stable and mentally alert, need to have an eye for attention to detail, and they should be able to cope with all the emergencies at the moment's notice. Except for this, to qualify for a job as a security guard, a cover letter will also be one of the evaluation factors. You will have to sum-up all your skills, qualifications, and abilities in one page document. This article will provide you with an example security guard cover letter, so that you get a better idea.

Security Guard Cover Letter

Carl Nelson

4852 Limer Street.
Chatsworth, GA30705

December 23, 2011

Ms. Sharyn Hendricks

New York Central
3262 Hanover Street
New York, NY10038

Dear Ms. Hendricks,

This cover letter is coming across to you in reference to the advertisement that I came across on your website looking for a security guard for your organization. I would love to take this opportunity for applying to this position and I have attached my resume for your further review.

I have been working as a security guard from the last eleven years, for Social Security Staffing and Millena Security Firm. These positions always required me to constantly patrol and walk around, store contact, driving patrol, and making sure that emergency boxes are maintained at all the times and are easily accessible for everyone. I have excellent organizational and observation skills, I am physically fit, and I know how to make sure that safety is properly maintained every time by staying calm and quick in any kind of stressful situation.

I know the importance of having a reliable and steady presence on hand for monitoring the property of client, preserving safety, and preventing theft, vandalism and all the other problems. You can give me a call at 706-422-4682 or leave an e-mail at, so that we can schedule interview timing.


Carl Nelson

Your Signature

Enclosure: Letter of Recommendation, References, and Resume

Security guard plays an important role in safe-guarding any organization and maintaining safety at all the times. A cover letter can be used for displaying your skills, qualities and work background as a security guard. However, make sure that your cover letter is not lengthy, because the recruiter will not spend more than ten minutes in reading your cover letter. Follow this format and you will definitely get an interview call. All the best!

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