Security Manager Cover Letter

Security managers are professionals who are in charge of handling security at different places such as museums, dance clubs, and other public facilities. Their main aim is to ensure that the entire premise is safe and everyone inside the premises has got the legal right for being here. These professionals may also have to guard against the property damage and managing the staff of other guards. To qualify for this position a person will need a license before they get hired by any establishment. These people will have to undergo a drug test, a background test and also class work.

The main role of a security manager is protecting the lives and property of the client. While working in a club, they will constantly have to maintain an order amongst all the patrons. If working in a public facility or private residential area, they will have to deal and give protection against vandalism. In addition, they will also have to give protection to armored vehicles and banks. Security managers have to be alert at all the times for suspecting any suspicious activities and they should know how to handle any kind of threatening situation. If security managers have to maintain order, then they need to have a good sense of judgment and common sense.

These professionals are experts in handling unruly patrons or adverse situations. Not only they have to handle these kinds of situations, but they should also know how to train staff of security guards in the same manner. Apart from all these qualities, one additional thing that you would need to qualify for the job is a well-written cover letter. A cover letter must only talk about skills and tasks that you have handled as a security manager and not about dream goals. Be specific in your cover letter, because you get only one chance to impress the employer. This article will give you a sample security manager cover letter, which you can refer to for writing your own letter.

Security Manager Cover Letter Sample

Elizabeth Upshaw
3989 Post Farm Road
Atlanta, GA 30309
Mobile: 404-208-2372
E-mail id:


Shawn Johnson
CNW Brothers Ltd.
1778 Thorn Street
Mountain View, WY 82939

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Perhaps you are looking for a professional who has expertise in security and loss prevention management, who knows every aspect of retail, corporate, and distribution asset protection. I have got 20 years of experience in the field of managing security and now I would like to bring this same knowledge and expertise to your organization.

My success in security field lies in my ability to work as a team player, someone who can go that extra mile, manage all the programs effectively, a penchant for detail, and many more. I have handled large scale security operations in a large variety of settings, which include identifying and ending the theft of equipment and goods on several occasions. I am well adept at identifying in analyzing all the existing security systems and coming up with effective upgrades, and I am well familiar with all the financial and organizational aspects of the department management also.

I am an effective planner and organizer. My friendly and outgoing nature lets me interact with all the staff members at every level and take immense pride in saying that I bring the right measure of enthusiasm into this equation. In addition, I got training in personal and fire safety, and also in formulating procedures and policies.

My accompanying resume will give you a better idea of my potential in making a strong contribution to your organization. I think that this will be mutually beneficial for both of us. I will give a call to your office in the coming week for inquiring the possibility of meeting you.

Thank you for your consideration and time.


Elizabeth Shaw

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