Air Quality Specialist Cover Letter

Before we start our discussion about writing an air quality specialist cover letter let us talk about what it exactly is and what importance does it hold. First and foremost you need to know that cover letters are always accompanied with your resume. And at the same time let us also tell you that it is better if your resume is always accompanied with a cover letter. Why so? Because, you need to grab attention where there are hundreds like you when you are applying for a job. With the coming of the internet age the spectrum of the job applicants have increased manifold and all the more reasons that you work on your resume and optimize it for impressing the employer or recruiter.

There is where the importance of an air quality specialist cover letter lies. Talking about the content of the letter, there are two things basically. First is a proper introduction and the second, genuinely trying to persuade the recruiter in believing why you should be given the post. It does not sound easy but the following tips will explain it in detail.

Cover Letter Writing

The air quality specialist cover letter is a formal letter but is not considered as an application or anything. The motive behind writing it is simply to divert the recruiter to see and read your resume. So keeping this point in mind the following are the required things while drafting one.

Introduction: By saying introduction you are expected to simply state which post you are interested for applying in and where did you know about the vacant position.

Body: The body of the cover letter is entirely up to you as to what you want the recruiter to know which in turn will convince him or her as to why to give you preference from the other candidates. So it could have the following set of things:

Apart from these if you think mentioning something more will make the employer call you for the interview feel free to mention them.

Air Quality Specialist Cover Letter Format

While drafting the letter in soft copy (not be written in hand) select a standard and formal font face and size. The letter is aligned to the left like shown below.

Name of the Sender
Postal Address
E-mail Address
Contact Number


Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name
Address City

Re: Post applied for

Mr. / Miss. Last Name,

Letter body

Letter closing

Sincerely Yours,
Name of Sender


Sample Air Quality Specialist Cover Letter

Belinda Barnes
129, St. Helena's Street
Barnes Residential Complex - 8
Contact Number - 232 787 6787


Renji Matthew
Human Resources Manager
Environ Private Limited
Lord Tennyson Colony - 13

Re: Application for the post of Air Quality Specialist

Mr. Matthew,

I write to you with reference to the advertisement post in the department of environmental sciences, University of Texas dated 08/03/2011. I understand you are hiring Air Quality Specialist in your company. I am highly interested in the said post as I have thoroughly gone through Environ Private Limited Company's profile and its vision and I must admit I am highly impressed. As for my academic credentials I am a student of the last year of my specialization in Environmental Sciences and have participated in a lot of projects. Kindly find my resume attached herewith.

I hope you call me for the interview as my keen interest and love of the subject will really be beneficial for the company. Thanking you for your time.

Sincerely Yours,
Belinda Barnes


This was an example of an air quality specialist cover letter and now you can go ahead and draft your own version with the necessary changes. Wish you best of luck!

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