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A geographic information systems (GIS) specialist is the person who works in a public and private organization to help the management in compiling and presenting simple and complex data using computer software. The data could be about the demographics, regional infrastructure, and terrain. For example, If he is working for a manufacturer, he will be asked to survey the area and find which place would be suitable to start a set up. He or she is the geographers who uses the knowledge of geographic information science to extract spatial and geostatistical data and convert it in a map.

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Bernice Willis
287 Post Farm Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
Mobile: 404-231-4222
E-mail id:

October 01, 2013

Mr. Luis Askew
Hiring Manager
Global Solutions
4290 Clearview Drive
Atlanta, GA 30312

Subject: application for the position of GIS Specialist (Ref: #JOB1425)

Dear Askew,

I have seen your advertisement for a GIS Specialist position in the, and am excited in applying for the same. I have eaten up every single word used for describing the job requirements, and am sure that my skills, experience and qualifications are the best match you are seeking for.

I have the experience of working with private and government agencies. I know the process, paperworks and which department to approach for a permission in order to conduct a demographic, terrain, and natural resources survey. I also posses the knowledge of conducting regional infrastructure survey in the interest of the organization. My knowledge was utilized to its potential by my company in setting up a manufacturing unit in the neighboring state. I was the driving force that led a team of seven people in finding out what positive or negative impact the company would have in building a unit in a new place.

I did my master's degree in geography from GA University with a specialization in geographic information systems. In my nine years of career with two different employers, I have contributed in researching and analyzing new findings for the growth of the companies. My compiling, organizing and geographical data presentation skills have helped my employers in taking important business decisions. I can explore all new possibilities for your organization if hired.

Please take a few moments and go through my enclosed resume to know about my experiences. If there are any doubts, call me anytime, and I will satisfy them. To check about our imminent meeting, shall I call you next Monday around 10:30 am?


Bernice Willis

Enclosure: resume

This cover letter can be used in describing skills and experience of a candidate who has worked in a private and government industry.

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