Inventory Specialist Cover Letter

Inventory Specialist Cover Letter is the first look a recruiter has at the professional caliber of an applicant for the position of an inventory specialist. Like all cover letters, these letters need to be brief and highlight only those competencies of the candidate that are the most important in connection with the position and the organization.

The candidate has to make him aware of the working culture of the organization he intends to work in. This will provide him with a broad framework within which he can draft his job application thereby tailoring it to the needs of the organization. Needless to say, such customized composition will produce excellent results.

An inventory specialist handles all responsibilities related to management of inventory. His main responsibility is to ensure that adequate levels of stocks are maintained to take care of the production process and customer orders. This requires the applicant to be good with calculations based on projections of production and supply needs.

Record keeping is another important part of his responsibilities for it provides the foundation for the calculations. The candidate must be good with preparation of reports that can be used by other departments. Occasionally, the inventory specialist may be required to convince relevant authorities to his point of view through communication or presentation.

Inventory Specialist Cover Letter should portray these traits in an effective manner. The best way to depict these is to mention the contextually relevant responsibilities with previous employers. The candidate must be good at handling more than one responsibility at a time and any experience that brings out this quality should be given priority in the letter.

Educational qualifications needed for this position are a bachelor's or an associate's degree in management. This provides the theoretical background and helps the candidate to better understand his job.

Here is an example of inventory specialist cover letter:

Inventory Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Wesley Griffith
3000 N. 30th Avenue,
Phoenix, AZ 85019

Arthur Emerson
Chief Supervisor,
Phoenix Suppliers,
1000 E. Thomas Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Dear Mr. Emerson,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Washington Post", dated December 1, 2011, inviting applications for the post of an inventory specialist in your esteemed organization. I hereby submit my application for the said post. I am qualified for the said position in your organization as per the eligibility conditions mentioned in the advertisement. I have over five years of experience as an inventory analyst and I am looking to work with an organization that offers enormous growth opportunities to its employees.

I am experienced with the entire process / cycle of inventory control. This includes supervision of loading, unloading, labeling, and storing of goods; maintenance of records of incoming and outgoing goods, and projection / forecast based filing of orders to replenish depleting / depleted stock. Other responsibilities that I have handled include preparing and filing reconciliation reports to be used by other departments, providing supplies to assist the production line, review of bills and purchase data, and to provide analysis of prices of company products. I am also well aware of the legal, safety, and technical issues related to inventory / warehouse management.

I have a bachelor's degree in management with five years experience. I worked as an assistant shipping manager and then as a shipping manager for three years. With my second employer, I worked as an inventory specialist where I came in touch with the entire spectrum of responsibilities of this post.

It will be a pleasure to work with an organization as diversified as yours. I have attached my resume with this letter. You can contact me on the telephone number or the email address as and when you deem fit.

Yours Sincerely,
(Wesley Griffith)

Inventory Specialist Cover Letters need to point out those skills and qualifications that make a candidate qualified for the position. This depiction has to be compelling enough in order to make the recruiter read the resume and move ahead with the candidate.

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