IT Specialist Cover Letter

If you know how computers function and loves helping other people learn the same, then making a career in information technology specialist will be the right fit for you. IT specialist is a person who will specialize in computer support, and help all the customers who will help them solve their computer problems. IT specialists will work with clients on the phone, via e-mail or face-to-face. This professional has to walk the person through different steps for fixing their computer problems. These specialists will also teach people how they must specific computer hardware and programs. They will have to work for 40 hours or more, which may also mean that they will have to work in night shifts or being constantly on call.

These specialists will have to work anywhere in hospitals, schools, government offices and sometimes even in a nonprofit organization. One of the most important and obvious skills in computer knowledge. However, the IT specialists will have to be good in computer service skills as well. Most of the times employees will have to people in fixing their computer problems without actually checking the computer, so that are why listening skills are very important. Therefore, these professionals have to keep their calm and never get flustered if a problem becomes too difficult to solve. Also, IT specialists have to keep themselves updated with the upcoming with latest computer trends.

Applying for jobs in this field is very easy, but getting a job at times can become a little difficult. Therefore, it is must that you write a good covering letter to get noticed and stand out of the crowd. A cover letter is a document, which will be your formal introduction to the employer and hence it has to be impressive. Writing a cover letter is simple, below is a sample IT specialist cover letter that you can use for drafting your own letter.

IT Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Your Contact Information
Althea Henry
2920 School Street
Washington, DC20036
Mobile: 202-374-2474
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Robin Lunsford
Wise Solutions
962 Monroe Avenue
Tampa, FL33634


Dear Mr. Lunsford,

I was going through your website looking for a job opening and I came across the opening of IT Specialist. This is a great opportunity for me because; currently I am working under the same position and have got the required skills that you are looking for. For your convenience, I am attaching my resume for your further review.

Working with networks and computers has always been my passion and I take pride in it. I have been working in this field for more than eleven years now. I constantly keep educating myself with all the upcoming advances that keep happening in this field since I have earned my degree. I am also aware of the fact that, every couple of months the computer technology keeps updating and so do I.

I know what all it takes to make an organization successful and keep it running; I have immense confidence on my qualities. I can repair and troubleshoot any computer software or hardware issue along with keeping the network running in an organization. Also, I can handle the internet security issue and know all the coding programs for the same and for financial transactions as well.

To sum it, I am a jack of all trades in the department of information technology. For the same reason, I think we should personally discuss this job position. You can call me at 202-374-2474 or e-mail me at

Althea Henry
Your Signature

Now, you can follow this same format for writing your covering letter. Remember that is just a dummy, so you can make all the required changes. All the best!

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