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Linguist cover letter will play a crucial role in getting you a good job opportunity for this position. The cover letter can be separated into four sections. In the introduction section of the cover letter, you may find the candidate referring to the job position he is applying for. Following the salutation line we have heart of the letter. In the heart of the cover letter, you are required to mention the candidate's professional and academic accomplishment with reference to his past experience. In the conclusion part of the cover letter, you need to mention the next action course being taken by the candidate. In the conclusion part itself, we have enclosure, which contains all the relevant documents with resume being sent by the applicant for the potential employer's reference.

Linguist is the one who studies linguistics. Linguists study various aspects of modern and ancient languages. They have a scientific approach to deal with various sounds, meanings and origins of words. Linguists also study the relationship between written languages and spoken languages. They study the culture of the people who are using those languages. They may have to study various cultures in all the parts of the world including the developing countries and the countries in the west. Linguist's approach to a language is uniquely different. They try to understand and analyze the language from different viewpoints.

Some linguist may also develop non-natural language such as Esperanto, which is based on the common words used by the European people. Linguist can also work with the IT companies and develop altogether different language with the help of computer technology. In this format, rather than printed or written answers they focus on giving voice answers. They also go through various printed documents and try and trace their origin with the help of modern technology.

The linguists work for research institutions, consulting institutions, tech companies and government offices. An applicant with a Bachelor's degree in linguistics always gets the priority. The major skills required for a linguist are knowledge of various languages, exceptional verbal and written communication skill, ability to comprehend quickly, ability to analyze various languages with scientific approach to determine its origin and relation to various other languages in the world.

A linguist cover letter is a document attached to the resume when it is turned in for application for a job. It contains all your job qualifications, educational qualifications, achievements, past work experience and personal details. It is not the same as your resume. It focuses more on highlighting your special abilities and skills as a linguist. You could even include life experiences that have aided you in improving your linguistic ability. You should also mention the languages that you have learnt and your proficiency in them. Make your cover letter as impressive as possible. The cover letter is what enhances your resume and makes it look better. It could be one of the reasons you may be picked for the job.

In order to catch the attention of the recruiter, one needs to make their linguist cover letter unique and one of a kind. It should stand out and immediately catch the eye of the employer. To do that, one should keep the following points in mind:

Sample Linguist Cover Letter 1

Jan 12,2012

Robert Pennock
P O Box 043,
Somerville, NJ-90543
Phone: 904-123-9093

Greg Derris
Recruitment Executive,
Norton Software Solutions
043, American Road Morris, NJ-90312
Phone: 903-102-9032

Dear Mr. Derris,

In pursuant to your advertisement in "Somerville Daily", dated December 12, 2011, I am applying for the post of linguist in your company. I am positive that my four and half years of experience as linguist will surely help you. My ability to study science of any ancient or modern language makes me proud to claim for this position.

I started my career as an entry-level linguist in the year 2007.I worked on the field in the initial phase of my career. In just two years of time, my skills and my dedication to job was appreciated and rewarded with a promotion to senior linguist in the company.

I joined Morrison College as a senior linguist and I have given rare contribution with the major roles such as using modern and scientific techniques to work with sounds and meanings of words, studying the relationship between the written and spoken formats of various European languages, developing the artificial languages in coherence with modern Chinese language, and scientifically approaching the various ancient written material to trace its origin

I have completed my Master's degree in foreign language and I have good knowledge of ancient Greek language.

I have, herewith, attached my updated resume for your consideration and I am excited to get an opportunity to work with you.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Derris


Sample Linguist Cover Letter 2

Katie Street
87 Ginger Apartments,
Masslow Avenue,
Carter Road,
Ohio 764849

Contact Number:
0013307658635/ 0013307659365

Email Address:

June 24th 2011

The Hiring Manager
Potpurri International,
67 Harvard Lane,
Toggle Road,
Ohio 764876

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a linguist.
Reference: Advertisement on

I recently came across an advertisement stating the vacancy for the post of a linguist at Potpurri International and I write this letter with an objective to apply for the same. I have learnt and completed the requisite courses in five languages namely Spanish, German, French, Japanese and of course English. My proficiency in these languages has seen leaping improvement in the past two years. I was working as a translator at Genosis International for three years and am now looking for an employment that offers me more scope to personalize my work and research further.

I have always aspired to work with languages. My interest started in middle school itself. Since then I have been learning languages and have mastered quite a few now. I even went on an exchange program to Japan for a year through Rotary. The program was called the 'International Youth Exchange' Program and gave me a wide scope of the Japanese culture and traits. Naturally, Japanese is one of my stronger languages. But this does not compromise with my excellence in the other languages.

I wish to acquire this post as a linguist and work with such an esteemed company as yours. I will be obliged to come by your office if we could schedule a personal interview and discuss more on these lines. I will provide the necessary proof documents at the interview itself. I am a diligent and dedicated worker and deliver what I promise. My recruitment would be an asset to your company. I think I fit the job profile mentioned in your advertisement perfectly.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Katie Street

The above sample linguist cover letter can give you an idea of how to write one yourself. Just remember the pointers mentioned prior to the sample and you will cruise through and write an impressive cover letter. Show confidence and showcase your talents well. All the best!

The sample linguistic cover letter focuses on the applicant's experience in handling manifold languages scientifically and his pertinent language and technical skills.

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