Procurement Specialist Cover Letter

An impressive cover letter accentuates the professional outlook and purpose of your resume. Job seekers are advised to write cover letters to help them present their job applications professionally. A cover letter is a letter that communicates the candidate's interest in a job and presents a brief summary of the candidate's profile. Also, the cover letter greets the reader and expresses gratitude, adding a polite tone to an otherwise curt and concise resume.

On the other hand, recruiters prefer to read a cover letter as it introduces the candidate, gives a general idea about his career graph and mentions the source of information. Hence, drafting a cover letter is important while making a job application. However, your cover letter should not be a mirror image of your resume. It is important to maintain a clear distinction between the cover letter and the resume. We have provided below a procurement specialist cover letter example to give you clear idea of a ideal cover letter. Also, go through the job description to better understand the cover letter details.

Procurement Specialist Job Description

Procurement refers to acquiring certain products or raw materials. Hence the procurement specialist is responsible to evaluate the requirements of the organization and accumulate necessary goods from concerned suppliers. Once the organizational needs are determined in quantitative and qualitative terms, he is responsible to contact suppliers dealing in sale of those goods and demand quotations.

He analyzes the quotations of different suppliers and selects the ones offering the best deal in market. Also, he supports the inventory department in maintaining accounts of the stock and distributing goods to several organizational departments and coordinates with the accounts department to make certain bills are cleared on time. The important qualities required for a procurement specialist are data management, negotiation, analytical and organizational skills.

Procurement Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Rowena Green
Boston, MA

Michael Wellington
Procurement Manager
Roosevelt Manufacturers Inc, Boston
588 - 020 - 3536

Subject: Application for the post of Procurement Specialist
Reference: Advertisement posted in xxxxx Newspaper on 19th October 2011

Dear Mr. Michael,

I write this letter in reference to the newspaper advertisement posted in xxxxx on 19th October 2011 of job vacancy for the position of Procurement specialist. I believe my credentials are suitable to the job requirements and hence wish to apply for this post.

With a total experience of more than 5 years backing my candidature, I believe I can succeed in the tasks allotted to me and handle my responsibilities efficiently. My experience has made me proficient in determining needs, evaluating quotations, testing the quality and quantity of received goods and maintaining procurement accounts. My earlier jobs have been in manufacturing units. Hence, I feel confident of adjusting to the work ethics, protocols and challenges present in your organization. I consider my communication, organizational and data interpretation skills to be my strengths which will prove valuable in fulfilling my job commitments. Most important of all, your organization offers tremendous growth opportunities and avenues to acquire knowledge that I seek to excel in my chosen career.

I have attached hard copies of my resume, experience letters and certifications here. Kindly go through the same and give me an opportunity to prove my mettle in your organization.

Feel free to contact me any time on the correspondence details given below.

Name: Rowena Green
Address: 16N, Periwinkle Street, Boston, MA 58874
Telephone No.: 566 - 040 - 1213
Email Id:

I hope to receive a positive feedback from your side. I thank you for your time and consideration.

With warm regards,
Rowena Green

Refer to the procurement specialists' cover letter given here. We hope this cover letter has resolved you confusion and guided you to draft an impressive cover letter for your job search.

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