Cover Letter for Recruiter

Industries thrive on workforce. They cannot rely totally on machines and achieve their goals. Even to operate machines, workers are required. The need to fill the position of workers and staff in industries are looked by recruiters. They may either work directly in companies or as a third-party recruitment consultant. Inside the organization, they work as a team of Human Resources Department. They are independent as third-party recruiters. They may even work in companies who take care of their clients recruitment needs. If you ever need to work in any of these fields, you must have a recruiter cover letter.

You may have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience. And these can make your resume look and sound impressive. However, unless you have not written an interesting and attention-catching cover letter, your resume will not be noticed. The letter is an official document that can help you in making the hiring manager believe in your credentials.

How to write a recruiter cover letter

Since you are trying for a position where you will be hiring people, think what would you like to see and read on a cover letter. Moreover, consider which one would you pick from the heap of applications and short list it. Give a thought to those mistakes as well that could prompt you to throw the document in the trash bin. When you are cleared about these things, you have crossed most of the initial obstacles standing in between your employment. Simply put, step into the shoes of recruiter and then try to judge yourself.

To write the letter that can catch the hiring manager's attention, apply what you have done in your job or studied. For example, when filling a particular position for your company or client, your search for the candidates' profile on the Internet or through your network. Right! In the same manner, know the company first using your job skills. This will benefit you in customizing the letter according to the requirements of the company. With your research knowledge, you can easily explain how and why you can be an ideal candidate for the applied job. Further, also specify your talents, interests, and experience for the job.

Sample Cover Letter

Delbert V. Morgan
563 Lynn Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401
Phone: 715-551-3182

November 27, 2013

Jonathan J. Ley
Hiring Manager
Global Workforce Consultants
2286 Olive Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Subject: Application for the position of Job Recruiter

Dear Ley,

I am submitting my application and resume to express my interest in the position of Job Recruiter at Global Workforce Consultants. I have been in the recruiting industry for the past five years and gained enough experience to fit in your expectations for this position. I am confident that I can manage and handle workforce requirements of your clients very efficiently.

My key skills that I would like to use in your organization are:

I have great relation building skills with clients and candidates. I can easily identify clients' needs and candidates' talent. I am also accurate in scheduling interview process, and appointments. Further, I am a computer literate and excellent in verbal and written communication.

I am waiting for your positive response and to speak at length with you. Please inform me or drop an email to know more about me. I will call you on Monday, December 2 at 11 am.


Delbert V. Morgan

Enclosure: Resume

These tips would help you in explaining your worth for the applied position.

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